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Choking Necks and Pumping Pecs

This will be a bit different for me as over the past few months I feel like I finally fixed my recent apathy with fitness by getting back into grappling but virtually stopped lifting. This log will be the chronicle of a 30 something washed up meat head and ex wrestler as I go from disgruntled weightlifter and BJJ white belt, to someone who can hold on to the vestiges of athletic youth by lifting weights and choking out people in pajamas.

Current Stats:
Age: 32(for a few more weeks at least)
Weight: 180ish
BJJ Rank: White Belt - No Stripes(35 hours of mat time)

For the last month and a half since finding BJJ, I have hardly been lifting and put in around 35 hours on the mat. Working on trying to scale that back to 3x a week average and back into the iron with a nice balance.

Short term goals: Get my first two stripes so I can attend some of the classes that are more competition focused. Get back to lifting 2-3x a week. Get down to about 170.

Going to drop my TM’s aggressively and work back nice and slow, not really sure how I will program my training, but this month is mainly about just putting in the sessions without burning out on the mat and under the iron.

Current physique(right) after the 2019 challenge:


BJJ Fundamentals:
One hour of just drilling, worked exclusively on attacks from spider guard.

BW was about 181 before training.

BJJ All level:
15 min of warmups and conditioning
45 min of drills with DLR guard

BJJ Private lesson:
Worked half guard passing and basic half guard sweeps. Positional Knee on belly transition to mount.

BJJ Fundamentals:
Mostly breaking and passing closed guard.

Last night’s training

BJJ Private:
Worked on back mount retention and escapes from within

BJJ All Level:
Half the class was judo training followed by some sparring in standup. My cardio is still dog shit.

Planning on another back to back 2 hour session tonight then need to give my body a break. Will have clocked 9 hours of mat time in 6 consecutive days by tonight and it’s catching up to me.

Friday’s training got funky. Had another private for an hour, tried to stick around for the fundamentals class after and my body just gave out and I called it a day after warm ups on the second hour.

Took sat and sunday off with complete rest and lots of food.

Monday - BJJ Fundamentals:
Just some open guard work and conditioning

Tuesday - Back in the iron. Kept things quick and light as I get back under bar
Bench 5 pros - worked up to 180 lbs. Super set with 10 rep db rows
FSLS with 135 superset with ring pull ups for 3 sets.

Obviously not doing a true 5/3/1 cycle with %s. Just staying light and building back work capacity while I try to balance lifting and mat time.

Tonight heading back to the mats for Fundamentals class.

Plan on getting in one more lifting session, maybe 1 or two more bjj training sessions this week or shelve it and hit open mat on Sunday. Playing it by ear. Learned a big lesson last week on not listening to my body.

BJJ All Level class last night: mostly worked back takes and chokes from rear mount with situational sparring.

This morning hit the jump rope for a quick session in the morning.

Fundamentals class tonight. Worked a few sweeps and attacks from closed guard.

Will get in a leg session in the gym and one BJJ session this weekend.

Trained BJJ again today. Just some work with judo and leg locks. Laid back class. As much as I want to lift tomorrow I might head to open mat instead. We’ll see.

Skipped leg day, went to open mat for an hour and a half of rolling with a brown, a purple and a fellow white belt. Cardio still sucks but made it through a few 5 min rounds.

Laying here after putting in 6.5 hours of mat time this week with some ice packs and cbd balm.

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