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So Krocs article made me think.

I have had a somewhat privileged upbringing; I never needed anything and usually got the things that I wanted.

I have however been aware of these and ever since adolescence have refused to accept any gift or sum of money with out paying it back in full.

I chose to make myself my own man and for success to be my own, not built upon the generosity of family and friends.

My point is that although my childhood was typically middle class and in direct contrast to Kroc I feel that our goals and outcomes are the same.

Is living an easy life also a hardship?
Can you become dependant on others and struggle later in life when you are on your own?

Anyone else feel that they have come from a different angle only to end up on the righteous path of iron and hardwork?

Im just interested to hear other opinions.

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Edit your title to the correct spelling please.

Personality > environment in determining a persons success. I had an easy upbringing too. I saw kids with an equal platform to jump from fall flat on their faces and I've met super successful people who came from hard knock pasts.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Take it, make the best of it and leverage it to have more of whatever it is. Any smart person will tell you this. A gift is a gift. Turning it down can be hurtful in some cases too, like you are just too good. It's not the intent, I know, but it's how it comes across to many people not in your shoes. Let them have their pride.

It's great to be your own man, the pride that goes in to building a life of worth, materialistically and otherwise is fantastic. You still shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth however. As long as you don't squander or abuse luck there is nothing wrong with tapping in to it. It's foolish not too.

Again, upbringing is a poor excuse for failure. Somebody like Croc may be absolutely driven by avoiding the life he was born in to. Someone like you is too, you don't want your quality of life to drop. Same motivation even if a different source. The "drive" or lack of is what makes some people win and some lose and most ride the middle.

A priviledged life is not a hardship. It is a privilege if you are born in to it. You are born with a momentum you can choose to carry in to your own adulthood, or not. If you are a pussy or lacking the aformentioned drive and make poor decisions you will fail, regardless of your initial station in life.

At risk of being an "attention whore" for conversing on topic (jelly bitches) I did come from another angle than Croc. I came from the suburbs, never had a real care or worry, went to college and own a successful company. I was able to leverage resources very early in life as I left college with zero debt, was not tied down to "normal" life and all it's financial binding plus I'm really smart and ballsy.

I will most likely never struggle, I'm used to "winning" from grade school sports to leadership roles in collegiate organizations to an awesome job and now my own thing. I enjoy facing challenges squarely and beating them, always have. It's just me and I don't have a "poor chip" to overcome on my shoulder.

I have friends who had my same upbringing and just kind of scrape by these days too. It's all personality. Some people win and some lose, it's just how it is even though we all have the power of choice.


Its easier to succeed if you have family capital and a stable home environment.

Wealthier people have access to better schools, tutors, and technology. Having college, cars, insurance, housing, grad/professional school, and a host of other things paid for makes life easier.

I will say this life is what you make of it. Growing up poor is no excuse for lack of success.


What I hear you saying, OP, is that you want to KNOW in your heart that you have what it takes as a man.

yet, you've somehow projected that onto a belief that "overcoming hardship = successful masculinity".


I've known PLENTY of good men who have, for lack of a better term, "been born with a silver spoon in their mouth". Just as I've known men who have overcome some serious adversity and become, as you put it, a "self made man". Each man has is own journey. No man's journey is more or less valid than another man's journey so long as he arrives at the same destination: MATURE MASCULINITY.

That pretty much means that you keep your word, move your life and the lives of those around you in a positive direction, accept that you are a steward of the earth and try to leave the world a better place than when you found it... You can wax philosophically on things like honor and integrity and so on and so forth, but that's just semantics. Look within your heart - are you a GOOD man? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! If the answer is no, then find out what's wrong, do the work and FIX IT.

But to deny your family from helping you and trying to make you a more successful person is foolish and immature. If you think about it, we are ALL inter-dependent. You're not waking up and hunting your own food are you? You have the opportunity to leverage a favorable upbringing and situation to make your life as meaningful as YOU make it. Why squander that? So you can pridefully say "I did it by myself?" LMAO

There's a LOT more to life than money and the trappings of success, yet people spend their lives chasing that. If you get that part of your life handled early - even with the help of family and privilege, then you are THAT much farther ahead and can spend you TIME (your most VALUABLE commodity) on other things. Things that MATTER.

Get your head out of your ass, kid. Be thankful for what you have and make the best of it. There are PLENTY of lessons that you will learn, and there is more than one way to overcome adversity and build personal power. Like I said, no two journeys are alike and ALL are valid, so embrace yours.


I too had the proverbial "silver spoon" upbringing. Life would have been easy-peasy, but I chose to walk a differnt path - cuz that's just how fucking cool I am. Today I live a life of danger and intrigue; smashin' hot bitchez whenever and wherever like a fucking boss! Cool fucking car and cool fucking job... Did I say I was fucking cool? God I love the interwebz...


Assuming sarcasm, what makes some of you think everybody online is a mediocre jerk off with a shitty car and weak bank account? Successful people are not the fucking tooth fairy. Why pretend to be boring weenies instead of talk on the level we exist? Jelly bitches have a severe case of the "Lens Principle".


Well I wasn't referring to you handsome. You know what that say about ass-u-me, right?


It's a general comment and applies to your comment and other people. I used you to make a point. I do have a handsome mug though, thank you.


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I think this may be the most useful thing ever posted on this forum. Great post. Hope everyone reads it.


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