Choices Choices

Finally for once I don’t have to but all my food myself. My family doesn’t exactly share the nutritional qualities I do, so I wind up having to buy everything I want if I want it to be healthy. My parents just left for a week so for once my mom bought be a bunch of stuff I wanted before leaving. Including $40 at the nearby grocery store. Thus far I have

-Multi Grain Bread
-Skim Milk
-Fruit(Bananas, Peach, Apples, Strawberries, Blueberries)
-Meat(Tuna, Lean ground beef, chicken, tilapia)
-Optimum Power cereal
-Grow! protein powder
-Whole wheat pasta

What else do you think I should buy to better be able to reach my 3400 cal a day goal? Before I was having troubles getting there each day, but now it should be a bit easier as long as I plan accordingly each day.



I see skim milk and cereal. These are good ways to get in carbs (with fiber)and some protein while increasing the liklihood of hunger soon afterwards. It could help you get up to 3400kcal easier than overdoing the filling oatmeal and meats. Have you seen Cy’s “skinny bastard diet”? There are some good tips therein.