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choices choices

Just wondering on your opinions…

Test Cyp & Stanol V (Oral) OR
Test Cyp & Dbol

Thinking of around 500mg of test P/W and 30 mg of Stanol V or Dbol E/D for 6 weeks.

A girlie stack to be sure but that’s my plan.

I was thinking about running the oral for 1 week after the last Cyp injection before starting post cycle clomid.

Have anti e, clomid etc on hand as required.

Would you front load the Cyp?

Using this kind of “steroids for health” array, how long do you guys normally have off between cycles? I was thinking around 6 weeks post recovery cyc;e…

Thanks for any input.

cycle looks mild but fine. i would go with dbol. not sure what stanol v is. i assume your talking about winstrol. just be careful not to buy fake gear. yes front the cyp at 1g your first week. no dont run the dbol 1 week past the cyp. serves no purpose. and yes i would take at least 6 weeks off. be sure to account for cyp’s half life of about 2 weeks roughly. meaning stay off at least 8 weeks from last injection.

Either oral would be fine with the test. Just depends on your preference. I as well would probably go with the dbol. Frontload the test and start clomid at the same time. Drago pretty much covered the rest.

I concur. Drago said everything I was gonna say. Yes, frontload. Go with the dbol. Personally, I would only do the dbol for 4-5 wks and keep the test at 6 wks so you can judge post-cycle easier.

The generally accepted rule for time between cycles is TO=TO: Time On = Time Off. That is the very shortest period that should be taken between cycles.

I respectfully disagree gents. The cypionate is going to be active for 2 weeks, so taking an oral the final week while the cyp is still active can only help IMHO - he’s still gonna be suppressed from the cyp anyway.

I agree with all above altough I don’t front load - but its a good idea.

Also, if you are doing strength sports go with DBOL. If you are an endurance athlete and want to limit water gain go with Stanozolol. Its better at raising RBC/Crit etc… If you go the stanozolol route make sure to take fish oil ED and a wicked joint supplement.

Brain fart for me. I retract my statement about being able to judge post cycle easier. I would still only do 4-5 wks of the oral, though that’s not the reason. Dunno what I was thinkin’.

warhorse has a point but you will have to bend the 6 week rule on 17-aa’a. personally i think its not a big deal if you run orals 6-8 weeks. but to each his own. sometimes it better to play it safe. if you dont run many cycles then its not a big deal either way.

As usual, you guys have given some good advice - much appreciated.

Would you run your anti E regardless, or keep it in reserve in case of unwanted side effects?

And the Stanol V is Winny Oral from March Pharma in Thai. Listed in Anabolics 2003 as a good buy. Good price too:-)

yes run your anti-e from the start. no need to wait for a problem when you can avoid ever having one. have fun!

Will do, thanks again.