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Choice of RTD Protein Drinks


During a diet phase which would be your RTD (ready to drink) choice?

My schedule and lifestyle dose not allow me to go around with powder so I need to have some of these in my gym bag at all time, to keep up.

My Choices

Emergency filler
Muscle Milk Light, only 100 cal 20 gr prot 180 sodium
EAS Myoplex Carb Control 150 cal , 25 grs prot 430 sodium

Afternoon cooler
Isopure cero carb , 160 cal 40 gr prot 80 g sodium

Full Meal replacement
Metrx RTD 51 230 cal 51 gr prot 180 gr sodium


Labrada's RTDs are solid.


I like muscle milk light chocolate. I've been using them for a few months now, approximately one per day as a filler. I get them at costco for $28 for 20 containers, which is $1.40 each or $0.07 per gram of high quality convenient protein. It has a little bit of carbs and oil, but not much, so I don't think it would hurt your cut too terribly.


for a strict diet phase I wouldn't use any RTD -- they're not nearly filling enough.


Agreed !

These are for those situations where good options are not available ( Ex: in a flight overseas )


I Agree,

This is for those moments (Ex: on a plane ....)