Choice Of HIT Strategy Alongside Powerlifting?

Dr Darden,

For the past month I have started a strength oriented approach with a powerlifting workout once weekly (featuring squats, bench press and deadlifts obviously). This in order to apply a new/different stimulus to resist adaptation and to wake up stubborn muscle fibers. My previous years of HIT has prepared me well, as I am able to grind out heavy reps in good form. That said, powerlifting is practically the opposite to HIT with explosive intent and lower reps.

As I continue to train twice weekly (a working formula for the past 3 years) I am applying a HIT strategy for my second workout.

Question is; Which, in your experience, is the better/best HIT strategy for a full body workout alongside powerlifting? Any do’s or dont’s in your opinion?

One thought is that accentuating the negatives, and regular HIT 60-90 sec sets should be rewarding as a complement to the explosive, positive emphasized powerlifting. What are your recommendations?

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Maybe this thread will be useful:

Also look up an interview that Drew Baye did with Doug Holland on his experience using HIT for powerlifting.

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Thanks Al! Much appreciated.

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