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Choice: 4-day split or OVT?

How does this routine look?

I am either doing THIS routine, or OVT. I’m kind of new to lifting (5 months), 16 years old, 5’8" and 135lbs. I’m on a bulking diet, and eating up a storm!

I was thinking of keeping all rep schemes between 6-8, is this reccomended as well?

Thanks. Here’s the 4-way split, in case you’re wondering.

Monday - chest/triceps

Dips x 3
Bench press x 3
Incline DB press x 3
Close grip benchpress x 3
Tricep Kickbacks x 3

Wednesday - back/biceps/forearms

Deadlift x 3
Chins x 3 (wide grip)
Barbell row x 3
Shrugs x 3
Barbell curls x 3
Concentration Curls x 3
Behind back wrist curls x 3

Friday - legs/shoulders

DB Squats x 3
Leg extension x 3
Leg curl x 3
Standing calf raises x 3
Shoulder Press x 3
Side laterals x 2
Rear laterals x 2

Thanks for the input/advice!

I consider OVT to be a somewhat advanced routine. Search for ‘Dawg School’ off the main page, and start reading back issues for more basic splits.

Like, say, these:


Your split looks decent, but having used OVT personally with great results, that is what I recommend. Chad Waterbury nows his stuff.
Hope this helps,

OVT is actually CT’s program. Waterbury’s routine is Anti-BB.


I read all the dawg school articles, and I am actually quite well-read! I’m just new to lifting… but my fascination and dedication is obsessive, I know a ton (I’ve read a LOT of the articles on this site already, go to the MH forums constantly, post on BII, bodybuilding.com, etc).

So, anyone else? Opinions/suggestions?

The benefit to my 4-day split is, well, it’s EASIER (no need to superset or look weird in front of friends). But if you think the OVT would pack on some serious size/strength, I’ll go for it.

What would you guys suggest for: a) strength and b) size? Thanks! Keep the responses up (I promise this will be my last workout routine post!)

Try it! You’ll discover in a hurry if this 4-day split is appropriate to you, and far more quickly than I could admonish.

But if I had to venture a guess…

Dips will kill heavy bench work. Wrist curls behind the back have a poor range of motion, as do tricep kickbacks. Dumbbell squats are peachy, but I wonder why not the BB variant…? Similarly, don’t get too enthralled with wide chins; close grip is, to me at least, even more effective at building lat width.

3 sets is an arbitrary number; it may NOT be appropriate for every muscle group. As a matter of fact, it almost certainly isn’t.

Instinctive training is just fine, but don’t leave out the details. You may decide to give up somewhere around rep 6 if you don’t have 8 written down in the your log.


Crap! I posted the wrong routine!

here’s what I was going to do, scratch my former post!

Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

Bench Press
Incline DB Press
Close-grip Bench

BB Rows
DB Rows
Barbell Curls
Incline DB Curls

Seated DB Press
Side Laterals
Rear Laterals
Calf Raises

Please, look at it now… sorry about the slipup before.