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Choi Sung Bong, Korea's Got Talent - Tear Jerker!


Korea's Got Talent clip with Choi Sung Bong, 22

It's a tear-jerker.


Damn. That's awesome. I hope his life takes great turns now. Strong kid!


Wouldn't it be great if he hooked up with Susan Boyle?




Fucking Koreans.
They enjoy any story of suffering.
The only way they would like this guy more is if he became famous and then killed himself.


^^ I can't exactly comment on that, but going by their soap operas that my girlfriend watches nightly...they love to see women slapping other women and/or men and later the character gets drunk and stumbles home or ends up bloody while dragging themselves along the surf.
And like all other soap operas they save time or something by having characters on the phone all the time. What's up with that in soap operas? Is it a production way to save time or money??




It pisses me off that not 1 person that had seen him alone at 5 years old had the courage to offer to help him. He for sure has determination and will, great story!


This could be due to the fact that children are constantly running around Korean cities unattended at all hours of the night. Whether it's because their parents run some all night foodery and told them to go outside to play or because their parents are drunk in front of the 7-11 every night, it's common as fuck. Korea is relatively safe, so nobody really pays attention to kids that are alone.

Or his story could be bullshit. Which is also quite possible.


That was a good song sung by Choi Sung Bong.


Its viral now, cnn abc and other news organizations have picked it up. My friend in canada just told me that they are running full blown news reports on their nightly news.


Guaranteed, he's getting a lot more snatch now then he was prior to this show.


I wonder what the Korean way is of asking if you want to buy chiclets


What's the Korean equivalent of Tijuana?






Suwon struck me as boring when I was there.
I didn't spend too much time there though.