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I saw this and thought you guys might like to comment.
#The Mayan Indians were using cocoa from the rainforests of Central America around 300BC.
#The British Medical Journal lists cocoa plant as the no.1 food source on the planet holding more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than any other single plant. Then Bean contains theobromine, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, caffeine, iron, sodium, carbohydrate, proteins, fats, starch, thiamine, vitamin A magnesium, riboflavin, zinc, copper, and chromium.
#Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), the same chemical release when we feel love, lust and passion. Also ?phenyl? helps reduce heart disease and blocks pain.
Real chocolate contains cocoa fats and cocoa butter. These are similar to avocado fats and are very good for you.
#Chocolate contains easily digested carbohydrates and is a high-energy food. Fact: 50 grams of chocolate has fewer calories than four average small sweet biscuits.
#Dark chocolate is 70-100% cocoa. The recommended dose is up to 50grams per day.
#Contains endorphin, which lifts your mood and may well be the best antidepressant.
#Contains very high content of chemicals possibly highest of all foods that are anti-cancer and anti-heart disease.
#Helps to normalize blood fats such as cholesterol and converts dangerous cholesterols to the non-dangerous form.
#Other benefits: decrease blood stickiness similar to low dose aspirin. Can help with blood pressure. Possible anti-diabetic because of high mineral content such as chromium, magnesium and zinc. More iron than any other vegetable. Can be useful in pre-menstrual tension.
#Compound chocolate is made with vegetable fat and needs a lot of sugar to replace the bad taste and is very weight gaining. This is not chocolate, and is what gives chocolate a bad name. It is used in most bulk low-grade chocolate bars.

I looove chocolate. I eat about 30-50g every day. Sometimes milk, sometimes dark. After your post I’m compelled to switch to dark.

Oh, yes, and the part about chocolate being an aphrodisiac, I can attest to that. I also find it makes me feel happy :0)

 Some interesting stuff. Where can i buy pure chocolate though. I dont eat sugars or candy. However thats some interesting info and i miught mix it up with some no-calroie sweetener like sucralose. Is there anywhere i can get the chocolate or cocoa by itself, with no additives and untouched and unprocessed?

…not sure that all of that stuff is true, but I sure like my chocolate! [p]
diesel - try the baking section of a larger supermarket type store…you can usually buy “Baker’s” brand chocolate which is probably some of the highest quality around. The “unsweetened” chocolate is quite sour/bitter if eaten straight out of the packet, but you can melt it down and add your artifical sweetener or small amounts of sugar. Or, you can buy Baker’s bittersweet chocolate, which has a lot less sugar than semi-sweet and tons less than milk.