What’s the story on chocolate, I know that it’s glycemic index is low, below 55! But then again it’s sugar. So, is it’s insulin response a lot higher than it’s glycemic index states?

Aw, c’mon…please can I have some? Hehe, I don’t have a scientific answer for you, but I think we’re all relatively certain that eating lots of chocolate does not a six-pack make =) I am interested in finding out the answer to this as well, but I’d save chocolate for things like cheat days.

Just off the top of my head, I would guess that the problem here is that chocolate isn’t “that bad,” per se, but chocolate as it is actually consumed is pretty bad. If you’re eating Hershey’s bars, for example, they’ve mixed in milk, sugar, etc. Baker’s chocolate is pretty bitter.

Well, the reason is because I mix about half a bar of symphany from Hershey’s in my Quaker oats for flavor. It amounts to about 11 to 12g of extra carbs from the half bar.

to quote Homer Simpson “Ummmmm…Chocolate!”

chocolate: a lump of sugar held together with fat, neglible protein. breaks every ‘massive eating’ rule in the book.

I love chocolate. Cottage cheese can’t do anything; Chocolate can do it all

Unless the bar’s label gives you a GI rating, or you found a listing for that candy bar specifically, then you are probably just seeing the GI of regular, unsweetened chocolate. Maybe you should try mixing in chocolate grow! instead of a candy bar, eh? There’s nothing good for you in that sucker.