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Chocolate Surge, Wow!

I am a big fan of the original Surge, and had tried the wild raspberry once, but while it was a nice change it didn’t compete with the original flavor. That being said I thought I would try the chocolate and think I have found my new staple. This stuff seriously tastes like chocolate ice cream! Wow! If you are looking for a new flavor to try, definitely check this one out.

Chocolate Surge and Low Carb Metabolic Drive I can’t live without. They’re almost too good, I feel guilty drinking them.

yeah I remember when I 1st ordered Chocolate Surge I almost was thinking that there was no way it could be good, or taste good drinking it while lifting. Its gotta be my favorite flavor now. Root Beer is surprisingly good IMO too (taste is subjective I know).


Chocolate FTW, best tasting stuff ever!

I almost posted this exact same thing after recieving my first tub of chocolate Surge. It’s just so good.

what do you mix it with? water? milk?


I prefer rasberry because it mixes better, but the chocolate flavour does indeed taste like chocolate milk. It just gets a scummy surface when I mix it which is unappealing

I got my first tub of Chocolate Surge recently after being nervous to stray away from my usual Original flavor order. The chocolate is really good though, I wish I had tried it sooner!

It’s the best with milk. 2 percent or whole.