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Chocolate Milk vs. Surge



I came across this link on another bodybuilding site. I'm curious to see everyone's thoughts on this, especially Bill Roberts.

It basically claims that chocolate milk is superior to Surge for post-workout recovery. As a raspberry Surge addict, I'm hoping that I can get some justification for the money I spend on it!



Ok, im going to write a report in which it says........

Your piss is superior to Surge Recovery........

Can i rely on you to put your faith in that too ??

The supplement business is one if not THE most cut throat business in the world, everyone is back stabbing everyone even coaches bad mouth each other to an insane degree.

Same way this guy seems to have a hard on for Mr. Roberts and from what i can see from his posts he seems to know a HECK of alot.... didn't Alan Aragorn post here or didn't he write articles here...

Seems there is strife in paradise :slight_smile:

SSSOoooo if you absorb that thought, then you look at the report do you HONESTLY believe what is says ??

There are reports out there that say anything you could POSSIBLY think of....... but thats where common sense and using that grey matter in your head comes in.

Choclate Milk or Surge......


I cannot believe you even posted that report.


16 oz Lowfat 1% Chocolate Milk

1 serv Surge Recovery (Raspberry)

Now I'm not sure how the ounces would compare to the grams but I'm judging from my own experience that when I mix my Surge Recovery I use about 16 oz of water, so that's what I calculated the milk by.

When you add in the "extras" Surge contains, it's not even in the same ballpark my friend.


But, but it says it's an "objective" report. Everyone knows the interwebz doesn't lie.



My (entirely un-scientific and relatively uneducated opinion) is that the "report" is probably not too far off as far as what it's saying, but it misses the most important point, which is:

One of the most anabolic things you can do is drink your recovery drink before, during, and after you train. Try doing that with chocolate milk. Yeah.

Dilute your Surge enough and you can sip the thing through even the toughest squat workout. And it makes a big difference.


And add to that how many people can drink milk ??

Not alot !


I was at least hoping they had some individuals who tried it over time or it was an actual study haha.


Hey now, we can't completely disregard the OP's post. I'm glad he's trying to bring in new ideas. Keeps us on our toes.


Honestly, I like Surge too. I buy it by the case load. It tastes great.

But, I know if I switched to choclate milk I would see NO NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE. I'm not going to do this, because I like sipping Surge through my workouts. It's taste preference for me, and I can afford it. If you can't, well....


very true indeed


Surge > chocolate work pwo. I've tried the milk and it can't even match up to regular whey and malto/dextro. Maybe that's just me.


I call BS.

I notice a distinct difference between using Surge and chocolate milk.

I like the taste of chocolate milk and wouldn't mind drinking it daily, but it doesn't measure up when it comes to recovery for me.


make the switch and tell us how that goes. if you train with zero intensity im sure the milk wouldent upset the stomach at all; perhaps in your case.

there is a lot more to Surge then just the what the macro split suggests.


This just takes the cake.

This single sentence (from the article) really makes me wonder about the validity of any of the other points that Aragon makes.


I read the report and if you look at the number it seems pretty convincing. Is there anything that is missing or not accounted for?


Mix Surge w/ choc milk for the ultimate recovery drink?


Yes the numbers may say its convincing, but what about the thousands of other studies saying that post workout carbohydrate, hydro whey, bcaa etc consumption results in superior hypertrophy? Are we just going to dismiss them in a heartbeat? of course not.


For monetary reasons, I've switched to chocolate milk, whey and leucine PWO. It seems to be doing the job so far.


I would prefer Surge though.


The University of Michigan strength and conditioning coach has his athletes drink chocolate milk after workouts.

It should be noted, NCAA rules prohibit giving athletes protein shakes containing more than 20 grams of protein per serving and Michigan sucked at football this year under this guy.


Yeah of course the article sounds convincing, it's a very subjective article.

He obviously "tried" to make it objective, but the fact is that anyone can play the statistics game all day long. There were some downright funny things mentioned.

"But since there are those who can?t or won?t do what?s required to tolerate lactose, I?m calling this a tie."

So besides not being able to tolerate lactose, milk wins? That's sort of a big deal there Aragon. Surge is the equivalent of unabsorbed chocolate milk?

Even though it would just be playing into this loser's hand, I'd still like to hear Bill's/T-Muscle's response to this.