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Chocolate Milk PWO


I've read on other message boards that choc milk w/skim milk is getting a good report as a P.W. shake. The report findings say the Whey is not all that its cracked up to be. Anybody else hear this? If so, is it choc powder or liquid? Just curious.


IFF (if and only if) you do not have a PWO drink such as Surge, then chocolate nonfat (skim) milk is a good "real food" alternative. Simple carbs and good protein with no to very little fat ... anything that accomplishes this is a decent alternative.



let's see...

protein? check.
carbs? check.

looks good to me.


I find that chocolate 1% milk is great for getting in extra fat in the diet, PWO and for snacking. Calcium is good, too.


Whats wrong with just MILK. Also a glass of chocolate milk (250ml) (8oz) will have about 8grams of protein in it.

Whereas the equivalent of most whey protein powders (2 scoops in 250ml) have about 30-40 grams.


I believe that chocolate milk is usually sweetened with additional carbs, which post workout is a bit more appropriate than just plain milk,

However, there is of course nothing wrong with plain milk -- it will probably just be "less optimal".

As others have said, Surge is specifically formulated to deal with the pre and post workout nutrition issue -- take a look at the articles about that.


Another point that has to be addressed is that you should try to minimize fat intake immediately after training. In Austria, "just MILK", meaning the regular stuff you get at the supermarket if I interpret your post correctly, has 3,6% fat as opposed to skim milk with 0,1%. Add the extra carbs in low fat chocolate milk and you have a significantly better PWO beverage.


Typically PWO will not provide the 2:1 carb/pro blend optimal when not defining.
High glycemic carb/pro leaves us with glucose and whey isolate cocktail . .
BTW choc milk's edge is the magnesium in the chocolate aids in the calcium absorption . .

I'd save your money elsewhere and do Surge or Relentless w/ added BCAA's + glutamine and R-ala/ chromium, etc. to aid in glucose reuptake freeing the aminos to rebuild the damage

My two cents anyhow :wink:



Can anyone verify this statement? I only ask this because I was told (forgive me, I cannot recall by whom) that chocolate milk actually hinders the absorption of calcium. But if the opposite is true, so much so the better!



Go to your food tables or read the labels and compare the two . .chocolate is nature's source of magesium.
I believe fitday.com let's you register free to log foods and see breakdowns

Now as for the testuring agent carageenan in choc milk, won't be long until you inject it if the japanese are bang on.


So can I mix a scoop of protein powder, 20g of whey, with 8oz of skim milk and 1tbs of chocolate syrup, until I can order some Surge will this suffice as a PWO?


As a runner, I've used (skim) chocolate milk as a recovery drink for years. If you check the web, I'm sure that you'll plenty of articles supporting it's efficacy.



Recent research on muscle glycogen replacement indicates an optimum ratio of 4:1 carbs to protein, rather than 2:1, although the research seems to be focused on endurance exercise. The link below discusses this and has other links to research:

Nestle sells a flavored reduced fat milk product in 16 oz. (200 cal, 8 grams protein) and 32 oz. (400 cal, 16 grams protein) in chocolate, vanilla or strawrberry. The 16 oz. sells for $1.75 in the deli, so I'm sure you can buy them in bulk at the supermarket for much less. Granted, it's not the best quality protein or carbs, but it is very convenient when rushing to work after the gym.