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Chocolate Milk PWO?

So i am just curious. I know on the article about the Arnold this year, the editors bashed the “Refuel with chocolate milk” stand (wit good reason).

But this leads me to my question. My football coach is good friends with the strength coach of the minnesota vikings. The strength coach from the vikings is really pushing the chocolate milk. Is there any truth or science behind chocolate milk being the best post-workout drink? If so, i would like article links talking about it.

It’s a good combination/ratio of carbs, protein, sugar and fat. Easy to take. I would be skeptical of anybody who tells you it’s the best postworkout drink ever, but it is pretty tasty and cheap and achieves the insulin spike most people are looking for.

but don’t get caught up in the fad of it all, just because such and such team drinks it. figure out what your own personal fitness and diet goals are and see if chocolate milk has a place in that plan

well, since everyone on here talks about results, I’d like to know what the strength coach of the Giants, or Pats recommends.

seriously though, in a pinch there’s nothing wrong with it, but there are better choices.

There have been many other threads on this topic including one within the last week.

I recommend you search for them to get a consensus from those that have already posted.

well how about this…take your PWO mix and put it INTO the choco milk. I know what you mean i was asking the same questions, but hey. WHY CHOOSE ONE!? i actually spend my easter seasons saving my protein and PWO mixes by drinking choco milk and eating hardboiled eggs all day. (my mom has a fetish with egg dying, she will do on average 6-7 doz the night before easter.) But yeah theres more than one way to cross a bridge man