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Chocolate Milk Post-Workout?


People have been telling me that if I don't want to take any supplements, chocolate milk will serve as a great post-workout drink. Any truth to this?


Ya, there actually is a lot of truth to this. It is a good post-workout option if you aren't going to take anything. However, a product like Surge Recovery is a much more complete option that gives you more of what you need. Any reason you don't want to take supplements?


Thanks for the reply, I don't know too much about supplements and weightlifting and Im trying to learn whatever I can by reading things on this website. All of the supplements I've read of are to promote weight gain, fat loss, muscular recovery and added intensity during workouts. I don't feel like I need any of these things because Im a wrestler and Im not trying to gain weight, I only weight train twice a week and I feel like I already lift aggressively.

Will taking supplements help with strength gains?


Yes, they will help with strength gains. It is important to get some sort of carb/protein post workout to fuel recovery which directly correlates with increased strength.


supplements are great, ESPECIALLY if you're a wrestler.

If I only knew about half the supplements I know now when I was wrestling...

I'm sure, unless you're a heavyweight, that you're cutting weight. Taking supps will assist you in the times that you can't really eat.

id suggest
vitamin C
protein shake

It is the off season, so if you're just training, a hefty dose of grilled chicken after a lifting session should suffice.


Should I take these things after wrestling practice too, or just weight lifting sessions?


Is that how you got so jacked dude?

Why are you handing out advice on this forum?


i would take ZMA

when you talk about underrated supps, zinc and magnesium are at the top. both minerals are lost at a high rate during exercise that requires you to sweat a lot.