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Chocolate Milk > Gatorade?


In SI's Scorecard this week, they mention a study which concluded that chocolate milk is superior to sports drinks for postworkout nutrition due to the superior ratio of C:P (3:1, as opposed to 1:0). Haven't these fucknuts heard of a little something called Surge? Tell me something I don't already know.




You also have to consider the type of carbs & protein.

I belive that while chocolate milk has added sugar (good for PW) it also has lactose (not good for some, obviously), and a bit of complex carbs (I think). It also has various types of protien, some of which aren't that fast at all (I belive most milk broducts contain some casien, etc).


im not gonna drag em up, but most of the studies on pwo nutrition have shown that a casein/whey combo or a casein dominant shake pwo is better for strenth/lbm gains. Whey pre/during, and casein (milk) pwo for me.


I usually mix whey and chocalate milk with a yogurt drink of mine to make a post-workout smoothie.I think chocolate milk is great for post workout.I'm bulking right now and am loving the stuff!


Milk is for babies. when you grow up, you drink beer.

Oddly enough though, i drink both.