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Chocolate Milk Diet


Check out this load of crap


wow, really?


...and what about all of the sugar? Seriously, I guess for folks who are insanely out of shape, the restructuring of their diet around chocolate milk might be considered a step-up, but to paraphrase the late Dan Duchaine,...

    I'm interested in 'extraordinary results', so you can have my chocolate milk, and I'll stick with truck loads of chicken breasts, oatmeal, and Metabolic Drive,.. thanks though :)



Haha, good find. Feels like it's aimed at five-year-olds.


At my gym, there are chocolate milk ads everywhere about how great it is for "health conscious individuals"


Yum I love Chocolate Milk, but milk before a workout involving lactic acid = vomit for me. I can see how someone wanting put on weight would use chocolate milk for a poor mans post wortkout shake. I used to do that in college. But weight loss? I'll bet those looking to lose weight will read the headlines and start drinking chocolate milk like mad and not make any changes and gain more weight.

I only say that because if you are too lazy to get your butt moving more and too lazy to make a healthy meal instead of picking it up at McD's then it's likely to think you're too lazy to read the entire article where it says you can't go on eating fried chicken etc. Too bad this article falls short on mentioning the high processed sugars that are put into the milk which is NOT benefitical to weight loss.

The biggest retard statment of all though is when he mentions turning fat into muscle, I hate when someone says that as though suddenly your fat cells can magically convert into muscle cells. I wish mainstream media would actually provide some education to the public about how the body works, or at least stop misleading them into the wonderful land of rainbows and lollypops. If it wasn't around 10,000 years ago don't put it in your mouth....unless it's a woman's breast.


And that sums up conventional wisdom.


I love choco milk as much as the next guy, but I don't know if the author was even trying when he wrote that article.


Am I mistaken, that's the same author of "Eat This, Not That"


"Eat This, Not That
by David Zinczenko, with Matt Goulding a Yahoo! Health Expert for Nutrition"

Yes, it is.

Fucking retards.


Doin a little cougar hunting, eh?


I love chocolate milk...one of the best things about the army was the unlimited chocolate milk in the mess.


Yes women's breasts were around 10,00 years ago, but don't try to put your mouth on a 10,000 year old mummified breast please... or unless your really hard up I guess it's ok? LOL

Cougar Hunting is Fun


"Researchers have determined that the ideal protein load for building muscle is 10 to 20 grams, half before and half after your workout"


I don't need some researcher telling me how much protein I need, I am able to investigate for myself.




Well, obviously chocolate milk causes fat cells to pretty much fall out through your pores, but what about the anabolic effect? Do we still need BCAAs? Is it better than Anaconda?

On a more serious note, I needed about 20-30 research papers to convince someone (after showing him this article) to even consider that 200kcal from chocolate milk, coke or whatever sugar one likes to drink, is NOT the same as 200kcal from fruit, or just about any other real food. After a long discussion, in which he was trying to prove to me that I am trying to break thermodynamics, he finally said that he is not convinced but he will at least have a look at some of the papers. Maybe he even will. The discussion also touched upon the topics of green tea and fish oil (among other things), which he considers to be "myth".



I think when someone is pig headed and it's hard to try to have a discussion when one party is not having an open mind it is usually because mentally they are scared of something. Maybe scared of being wrong, scared that what he thought was true isn't. Try asking him to produce independant funded studies for his arguments as well. See what happens


I'll probably leave it at that for now, unless he reads the papers I sent him and gets back to me. Next time (and I have little doubt there will be a next time sooner or later), though, I will ask him for research supporting his side of the story - so far the only thing he used as reference is some crappy blog.
The saddest thing is that he graduated from a top UK university. Although as someone I told the story to pointed out - "He did COMPUTER science".