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Chocolate Milk After Workouts?


I've read multiple articles about how new research is showing that chocolate milk is one of the best things you can drink after a workout. Personally, I am buying this because I love chocolate milk and drink at least 2-3 servings a day. Has anybody else read or heard anything about this? Opinions?

CT, if you read this, I would greatly appreciate your opinion as well.


Yeah, I've read studies on chocolate milk and it's not rocket science. By drinking chocolate milk post-workout you get your protein and carbs, which we all know is good. Are there better alternatives to accomplish this? I believe so, but if you like it, then drink away I say.


Where are you reading research on Chocolate milk?

I would LOVE something that would allow me to rationalize downing a half gallon of Oberweis Chocolate milk every day.


Maybe share with us 3 of the multiple articles you have read.

If I were going to do that I would at the least make sure the milk was organic. But even then, there are better solutions.

If you like it and it's not making you fat, then enjoy; it's just not the best thing for you.


Man, those studies must have been sponsored by fatness planet to keep their overweight customers overweight.

It's better than nothing, but it's horseshit if you compared it to whey protein supplement with fast, glucose-only, carbs (like rice or pasta) and it's even worst if you compare it to casein hydrolysate and palatinose (Surge Workout Fuel or FINiBAR). Not trying to sell for Biotest test, standard whey + rice is light years ahead of chocolate milk.


It's better than nothing post workout.


Chocolate milk is bomb, drinking it at the right time it's definitely beneficial. It's helped me put on some great mass , and it hasn't made me put on fat. Tons of cals/carbs/protein. No complaints. but I'm also a football player and it fits my goals, not everyone should down 4l litres of choco milk a day...


but uhh i wouldn't substitute it for a protein shake post workout...protein shakes for the most part have bcaa's and glutamine and lots of stuff you don't get in choco milk


Any form of protein + carbs consumed around training will "work". So chocolate milk will "work" in the sense that it will help you recover from training. But it is eons away from a more advanced formula like the protocol we use.

They only test the milk versus a placebo or nothing, so of course it "works"


Most of the things I've read about chocolate milk have been in Men's Health magazine (not sure what the opinion is here about it but I like the magazine). I agree it is not as advanced as many products out there, but I think it works well for me. I try to stick with natural milk straight from a milk tank (I grew up on/live next door to a dairy farm) although this probably has more fat than other milk. I like the fact that it hasn't been to a factory to have things added in. This way, it is super cheap and I can control how much chocolate goes into it.

Great opinions so far guys. I appreciate the info. I wasn't aware the tests were against placebos. Thanks CT.


like CT said, it's kinda like using a hammer rather than your hand... the former works but there's always a nail gun.


A Jug of Whey Protein will be cheaper than Chocolate Milk if you compare the price gram-per-gram.

But there are a ton of reasons why Chocolate Milk isn't that great. The fat content will bring down the meal's glycemic index thus slowing the speed of digestion. The vast majority of the protein in Chocolate Milk is Casein protein, which will digest slowly as well. The sugars found in Chocolate Milk are going to be either lactose from the milk or fructose from the corn syrup.

The lactose won't be used very effectively by your body for glycogen storage and the fructose will have to be processed by the liver before entering your blood - thus not only slowing the digestion of those sugars but also making those sugars more likely to become fat than to be stored as glycogen.

You might meet a few dudes at your local Ballys who "Can just fuckin rep out with 225 and make it look so easy!" or "Have finished a triathalon!" who swear by chocolate milk. But no one in America whose really got their shit together and is really kicking ass is drinking chocolate milk post-workout in this day and age.


There are a bunch of studies saying chocolate milk is great post work out. Inexpensive too.

Try it you may like it.


I've more or less stuck with chocolate milk pwo, got the idea from Rhodes who does the same thing.

Just sayin'


i dont defend chocolate milk, and I know how inferior it is... but just for the sake of getting all arguments together... didnt Brian Siders said he drinks lots and lots of chocolate milk... and who kicks more ass than him.. at his playing field...


Personally, I'd avoid chocolate milk due to any added ingredients, which at best are unnecessary. But Stuart Phillips from McMasters labs has done quality research looking at regular Milk only and how it increases muscle protein synthesis. Just a pint pre-w/o and maybe twice that post. Other studies show this too; just search Pubmed and see what's there. No question that Milk is the non-sexy choice, but in the absence of head-to-head studies with any of the other specific bodybuilding products (such comparisons are unlikely) we simply do not know what's better. What guys are going to do anyway is test things out on themselves and then make choices, though self-observer bias is likely the biggest bias of all, especially in bodybuilding.


That would be news to me. Its possible he had chocolate milk and protein powder. Josh McMillan on his log says he takes in chocolate milk, coffee, and cookies for breakfast and Anaconda for his workouts.


Gotta remember lots of anomalies out there - like Milos Sarcev, guy could get cut on 75% carbs a day.

What works for one body may not work for the next...


This is a problem of any testimonials for any product or any training approach, even in the absence of other enhancements (sometimes difficult to confirm), or marketing considerations. And after all that, one must question what was claimed vs. what was actually done by an individual. This has nothing to do with whether one should try milk vice another product and see if that works for them.


I think he almost died by accidentally injecting synthol into a vein. Maybe he was able to get away with 75% carbs because he wasn't afraid of rather radical chemistry.