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Chocolate Metabolic Drive

I just tryed some of the chocolate Metabolic Drive for the first time and I cant say I’m really a fan of the taste, has a very strong aftertaste. Though I really would dislike what I got to go to waste so I will drink what I have. I was just wondering, does anyone else feel the same way about it as I do? And, did you get used to the aftertaste? I would like to be able to look forward to learning to like the taste, like beer or coffee…

I’m sure you didn’t like beer the first time you drank it, or did you?

I like the taste when I mix it with milk, can’t stand it when I drink it with water, though.

As far as Surge goes, I don’t like the taste. Way too sweet for me… But I haven’t mixed it with Milk, only water.

Taste’s pretty damn good for a protein powder IMO.

I liked it straight away, but I’ld been drinking protein shakes for quite a while beforehand.

I don’t really notice much of an aftertaste but I was initially surprised by the very “Dutch” chocolate flavor. I have never tasted a protein powder that tastes even remotely as good mixed with water. Most others require milk, Metabolic Drive is almost too thick in milk. I buy the Chocolate, banana, and vanilla and find myself looking forward to every shake.

So far I have yet to find something that tastes better IMO. I also enjoy the Orange flavor and Strawberry is my third favorite.

Metabolic Drive chocolate is by far the best tasting protein I’ve had. I even mix it up for my girlfriend and she won’t go near other protein powders.

Yea I have no problem with any of the flavors. 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, a bananna, a scoop of peanut butter, a cup of water and a few ice cubes and you have one delicious bananna chocobutter smoothie.

After the NASTINESS of all the other protein powders I have tried, the flavour of Metabolic Drive came as such a lovely surprise. Maybe it’s just that my tastebuds had had their expectations severly lowered…

I like mixing the banana flavour with a banana, pineapple, and mango for a delicious tropical smoothie.

I’ve tried every flavor except banana (just can’t bring myself to order one for some reason- maybe next month) and I like them all. Vanilla is the best because of the simple taste. Strawberry has the best “flavor”. Chocolate tastes the most like a dessert, so maybe it’s the sweeter taste you don’t like. Orange is just good.

The problem I have is mixing them with anything. No matter what I put in there, fruit, oatmeal, etc. I can’t taste anything but the Metabolic Drive. The flavors are just that strong. My suggestion is not to waste the food with mixing and just have your shake (always with water- save the milk for drinking) and then enjoy the food separately. If you going to have the cals anyway, why not actually taste the food.

Surge is good, but it certainly is an acquired taste. I usually put in a little more water than it asks for, just to thin it out. The thing I hate the most about Surge is the vile foam that occurs when you shake it. Surge tastes good, but the foam has a horrible taste.

I have to say, the banana is without a doubt the best flavor. I love it.

It is awesome in oatmeal.

I mix mine with milk, a teaspoon of sugar free instant pudding - banana flavored, and a half of a banana. I use one of those hand mixers. It thickens up with the pudding mix. I also think it is one of the better tasting protein mixes. I am trying the vanilla Grow! next.
Give it time and get creative!

For the past few months I have been taking EAS chocolate protein with milk and I found that to taste really good, basically like chocolate milk. But I made a few more shakes with just the chocolate metabolic drive and water and brought them to class with me today.

Found that after the initial shock of not tasting like I expected it to, its actually rather tasty. I guess having my mind think its going to taste like one thing and than having it taste completly different made it disgusting for me.

The same with Surge, I didnt like it much as first but I have grown to look forward to my PWO Surge.