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Chocolate For Calories ?

A bar of chocolate might contain up to 900 - 1000 calories, and they come pretty cheap. Are they considered “good” bodybuilding foods ?

No lol - if only they were! For a start they combine lots of fats (lots of saturates too) and carbs and they lack prtoein. They aren’t “healthy” and they will help to make you fat.

Sorry to dissapoint you

sorry if that “lol” seemed a bit bitchy or patronising - the question just made me think what life would be like if chocolate was a “clean” food - if only!

Actually, the grocery store where I normally shop carries a “healthy” chocolate bar. I haven’t looked at it real close, but contains dark chocolate, not a lot of sugar, and various fruit compounds (from blueberries, raspberries, etc. for antioxidants) and vitamins. They gave out some samples, wasn’t real sweet, kind of tasted vaguely fruity, but not bad. I’m not sure of the actual nutritional info though. It’s called “Health by Chocolate”, a play on death by chocolate I assume. Check it out if you can find it and see what it says. Probably would’nt hurt as a relatively healthy treat.

To-Shin Do

It is not the same, but for a quick treat take some unsweetened cocoa powder, a pinch of stevia and add to water (or milk if you drink that). Tastes great.