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Chocolate FINiBARs?


Alright, I've been patient, but I think the time is right to ask. When are you boys in Colorado going to quit hoarding all of the chocolate FINiBARs and put them in the store?

7 months ago, they were mentioned as being produced (perhaps in small production at the time.)


I know I'm just one buyer, but bust them out.

By the way, for those of you that haven't tried out the Peanut Butter FINiBAR's, you're greatly missing out. I love them for intense workouts, and they recently made an awesome addition to my backpack for a grueling 20 mile hike in the mountains. And they taste great! On Saturday my 3 year old son got his hands on one and I had to hide the box of "candy bars."


Yeah, they're only, what? 3 bucks a bar, yeah... I'd have my son spit that out right quick!


$2.16....but worth it.


I would definitely by them. Don't really care though, PB is enough for me. :slightly_smiling:


Sadly -- very sadly -- I suspect the hoard has run out. I had been receiving, thanks to Tim's generosity in "care packages," the chocolate flavor up till now, but I got peanut butter this time.

By the way the chocolate flavor never had production-type labels or boxes.

Don't know why it was never a production item, as it was really outstanding.

Not that this is an anecdote that proves anything, but I have two birds: a blue and gold macaw and a Moluccan cockatoo. Now cockatoos are known for not being that interested in food, and my bird is no exception. Even when her food had run out a few hours before, newly provided fresh food of any sort -- and I didn't stint on food -- would have to wait until she had done whatever various other things she considered important to do, and even then there was no rush for the food.

Oh, there were a few things she had slightly more interest in, such as unsalted macadamia nuts, but nothing was any big deal.

Except chocolate FINiBARs.

If I was eating one in her sight, she HAD to have some. NOW. And was obviously very excited to eat it. Beyond doubt it was her favorite food, by far, ever, in the history of the world.


You tease. Telling us how good they are and telling us we'll probably never get them. I'm hoping this is code for "they're being released within the next week along with Anaconda, CH, and a creatine pyruvate supp."

Come to think of it, could pyruvate be an ingredient in Anaconda? I remember there was some hype about it a while back (Dave Barr in particular) and I seem to remember someone talking about Biotest taking an interest in it.

But probably not. Oh well, a man can dream, can't he?


Unfortunately it wasn't code for anything -- I wasn't issued a secret decoder ring. It's lamenting that I don't have the chocolate bars anymore. I wouldn't mind at all if there were requests for them and that got them going, because then I could get them again :slight_smile:


Ok where do I register my request? Bill how does chocolate compare to peanut butter?


Thanks for the information Bill. I believe your influence weighs with importance with the powers-that-be at Biotest. Perhaps you can drop them a note (or a kick in the ass) that we would love to see them made available.

By the way, are the chocolate bars much different from the peanut butter bars nutritionally? I know the peanut butter bars actually have peanuts, so I didn't know if there was much a difference in their intended purpose.


The chocolate bars, coming only in a plain wrapper and in a plain box, had no nutrition information provided. I'm sure it was known elsewhere at Biotest, but I have never known it. I assumed they were probably similar nutritionally to the peanut butter flavored bars, as being the same within flavors has always, so far as I know, been the case with Biotest products. But as this was not a production product, but a prototype, it certainly could be that it differed.

On flavoring, Tim has great people for that, as well as having an excellent track record in a number of cases in telling them "No that's not it, go in this direction" and getting it right beyond what the experts in that had thought was the best. My taste buds have never been a factor in flavoring decisions. I can't argue with the results of not doing so, though I can scarcely believe that others would not also really, really like the chocolate FINiBAR.


count me in for chocolate


Bill clearly we need some sort of action plan to get the chocolate back into production. What's suprising is that Tim himself has not demanded it.


I say we use this thread as the platform for demanding chocolate FINiBARS!


i m in for chocolate!! pb is good but i m sure choc must be better!!


I'm alllll about chocolate.


Dang. Didn't realize the price went down on these bars. Good looking out.


Chocolate for me too. I'm not so keen on peanut butter for a workout / energy bar. I'm kinda hesitant to order them.


Chocolate PLEASE!!!!


I, for one, would enjoy a combination of the flavors.