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Chocolate FINiBARs - Wow


Just tried the first in this newest batch. Wow. Somoene on one of the livespills said they tasted like brownies. True. They are just awesome. To think I almost had to resort to clif bars (I was down to 4 bars before this new batch came in).


My order should be here on monday and I can't wait! I gave my roommate a bite of the peanut butter flavor and he's hooked too.


Have you ever tried microwaving them for 15 seconds?


mine should be here Monday too. Haven't had a FINiBAR in months now but I had to get in on these.


I've never tried microwaving them. I have left them in a hot car though and eaten them after a workout.


Have not tried the microwave, but I have had them post workout in the summer after they've sat in the hot car. I'll have to try it with these new brownie-like ones. I wonder what changed in the way they made them. I don't see a difference in ingredients or any of the nutritional information. Amazing what a difference processing can make.


Yeah, the Chocolate ones are just insane! In their temporary absence, I've been using just the PB ones, which I've since found out that my dog is quite found of -lol.



I feel like one of Pavlov's dog's, everytime I hear/see the word FINiBAR I salivate. I'm excited to get them tomorrow, scared I'll eat them all too.


I traveled home to see family this weekend and grabbed two chocolate bars from my new batch before I hit the road (hadn't had one from the new batch). I had 1 before my session and it was SOOO good that I saved the 2nd for a mid workout snack :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm glad I only brought the two with me, because I would have likely snarfed down a few more lol.


I ordered some peanut ones when I was in orlando this past week (chocolate was out of stock - FUCK!) and they were awesome.

It was pretty cool ordering my first Biotest batch /geek.


My little brother stayed at my place while I was gone for the weekend. I came home to find a stain on my pillow case, I worked up the courage to sniff it out . . . . "is this chocolate?! But what kind of chocolate was he eating?!" I lift up my blanket . . . . HALF EATEN CHOCOLATE FINiBAR!! If anyone is going to steal a FINiBAR from my closet, I'm glad it's my brother, but to waste half and drool the other half on my pillow case?! You should go to jail for something like that.


I was going to take a break from Finibars to get repair my budget a bit. Looks like that idea is out of the window :wink:


How can you not finish a full bar though? I have to pace myself or I'll down an entire box!



put in my order for a box of 48 today, along with some Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10. gonna be a hard working few months till hockey season starts and I'm coaching most days of the week


Well after a hiccup with customs taking my Spike pills and holding my package for a week, I think today is the day my Finibars will finally arrive and I CAN'T WAIT!


What specific reason do you guys use the finibars? Post workout?

The only thing that turns me off to them is the amount of fat per bar..


pre-workout for teh insulinz. Plus I just like having something in my stomach.

only ~8g per bar, not bad. But you are right, you don't NEED a Finibar, in fact, SWF kicks the shit out of Finibar in terms of what's optimal, but god damnit that shit tastes good!


I have heard only great things about them but I have yet to have a bite of one! Can't wait to get an order in or sweet talk a friend into sharing (not likely the way you guys talk about them!)


I would give half of mine to you. Still 20g carbs right dere.


Aww that's sweet, PB! I'm starting Indigo this spring so carbs won't matter then,
right? :wink: