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Chocolate Beneficial to Bodybuilders?


I know for a fact that bodybuilders avoid processed foof, especially sugary foods......but can chocolate assist bodybuilders. Iv read that chocolate is very high in tryptophon, one of the twenty essential amino acids, and that tryptophon is the precursor for the neurotransmitter seratonin which is a mood elevator, simply put it elevates mood and high amounts of tryptophon can make u sleepy aiding in more sleep and thus better gain. What do you guys think


its chocolate, its either full of sugar or very expensive and tastes weird


I think for 16 you have a good head on your shoulders.....but that you also seem to think the world started when you got here.

Marijuana makes you sleepy, elevates the mood and allows you to eat more.

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I eat raw cacoa nibs,or mix the powdered in with a cup of coffee pre-workout. No sugar,great mood booster and energy,potent antioxidants. Raw cocao (pronounced kakaw) is a natural vasodilator also.


I second this. I use cocao powder in my shakes for flavor, but it definitely helps mood and I've known for a while that it has plenty of antioxidants.


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Magick you have a great approach, it really sounds good, how has it worked out for you so far....i wanna try it
aldeslodge so am d only one here who likes chocolate? Lol, seems i suck as a bodybuilder


Throw in some chocolate and looks like you have a winner.


As the others said, it's beneficial.

I haven't tried nibs, but a couple squares of 95% is what I eat every now and then.


Chocolate is only good when combined with peanut butter.
EDIT: fake peanut butter, from the reeses factory.


I enjoy adding chocolate beverage and milk together before and after a workout, maybe with some white bread and then followed by a substantial meal.


So how much has it contributed to your gains and overall workout


Probably not much, I use it for the antioxidants.


Chocolate has really helped me, im naturally ectomorphic so my body uses the best and neglets the worse. You can imagine i eat several chocolate bars a week and still maintain eight per cent body fat.......what other foods would provide good help


read up on tryptophon


At 16, you'd be better off not worrying about the little things and just eating and lifting a lot.

Depends on your goals, I suppose.


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I actually have upped my consumption of particular type of chocolates and have noticed I have actually leaned out some out. I cant pin poin it just to the chocolate though. Im a trying to tweak it because if I can get people to lose weight while eating it ima make that cashmoney


I put organic cocoa powder into most of my shakes. If nothing else, it seems to put me in a better mood.

I used to buy cocoa nibs, but based on what I saw in the toilet they traveled right through me.