Chocolate Advanced Protein

How does the chocolate Biotest Advanced Protein taste? I usually have to get vanilla flavored in whatever supplements I buy, seems like everything chocolate flavored just kills my stomach. I do like real chocolate milkshakes though. Would I like this? thanks.

It’s very good. I can’t stand most chocolate flavored protein powders. Too, well, chocolaty. Met-rx turns my stomach. It’s like they put three times as much flavoring in there than needed. Yech. Chocolate AP is light and creamy. Good stuff. Add a small scoop of natural peanut butter and hmmmm… Damn, I’ve made myself hungry.

Advanced Protein Choc. is by far and away the best tasting protein powder out there. Hands down. I have tried every kind of protein out there - and now everything else tastes like bland shit. But, since you usually have to order it(and i go through protein very quick), sometime when i am running low on AP I will get some Designer Protein and use one scoop of it and one scoop of AP to increase the flavor 100% and keep the protein at about 40 grams. The best mix ever though is 2 scoops of AP, 1 banana, and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. YUMMM!! It tastes like it should be bad for you. Sometimes it seems like BioTest is the only company out there concerned with flavor. They hit the mark with AP.

Ditto. It’s the only way to go if you want chocolate. Mixed some with oatmeal this morning for breakfast. Felt like I was eating dessert.

Choc AP is the best powder I have ever tasted. My pre-bedtime treat is:

2 scoops choc AP,
2 tbls Nati peanut butter,
prepared with 16 ounces of ice water in a blender.

Comes out thick and delicious.

I’ve found both the Chocolate and Vanilla AP to be the best tasting protein powders I’ve had.