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Choc Chunk Bars Thread


Please bring these back ASAP so I can order a shitload before the summer temps come in full force and my bars melt during shipping!!!

Besides, I'm sick of all the gas from my 2nd choice crappy-brand bars!



I was under the impression that the choco chunk were gone in favor of the new cookie dough and rocky road. I could be wrong about this, but it seems like whenever something leaves for a long time like this and it is not listed in the store, that means it's gone for good.

The cookie dough blow the choco chunk out of the water btw.


Choc chunk are gone for good most likely. Order the cookie dough, they are by far the best tasting bar I've ever tried... ever... seriously...


This is incorrect.

As previously stated, we plan to rotate Metabolic Drive Protein Bar flavors.


Whew! Glad to know the chocolate chunk isn't going to be gone forever. I still have three boxes to hold me over (I finally ate the rest of my peanut butter bars - not as good).

I recently ordered the cookie dough bars. I like them, but the chocolate chunk is still better in my opinion. I haven't tried the rocky road yet, but I've never been a fan of rocky road, so I will probably stick with chocolate chunk and cookie dough for now.



I agree - I prefer the choc chunk. Cookie dough are good, but give me a little acid reflux. The rocky road are ok.


I missed the thread in which this was mentioned. Any reason for not merely adding additional flavors concurrently as opposed to cycling them every few months?


Same here. I need to make a big purchase on bars before the summer heat. Made a mistake last year ordering bars in June and my bars melted during shipping.


I said "most likely" not "definitely". It is good to hear the popular ones will be back. I honestly would have figured you'd just keep coming up with newer ones instead of rehashing the old though, i.e. HOT-ROX Extreme, Alpha Male, etc.

My guess (and it's just a guess so don't blow a cork) is that if they do come back they'll be called "Super Chocolate Chunk" or even "Chunky Chocoloate Extravaganza"...


Chocolate Chuck should be a mainstay. I have money BURNING in my pocket for a good 10 boxes of these.......BRING THEM BACK ASAP!!!


Wrong again.


The chocolate chunk bars are definitely my favorite. They did not last long at my house. While not as sweet, I also liked the chocolate brownie bars. Plus I liked the larger box and lower price point.



Oh come on! Chunky Chocolate Extravanganza would be killer, if not a tad metro. I'd buy em...


Would Super Fantastic Hershey Highway Chocolate Chunk for Hunks Bar sound a tad queer? Yeah, stick with the original name, but make 'em available all the time!!


If anyone who loves the choc chunk hasnt tried the rocky road, you should. I could be wrong (Mod Brian...chime in here) but I think they used the choc chunk base and added the marshmallows and nuts. It isnt a whole lot different in my opinion.


Many clients I have preferred the chocolate chunk. Not stopping them from buying the current bars though!


Agreed, and I think the texture in the Rocky Road is a big improvement over the chocolate chunk.

The texture progression goes even further with the cookie dough, which are by far the best in my opinion...


I got 2 boxes each of Rocky Road and Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough has a bubble-gum taste to it that I don't like, and Rocky Road is ok (similar to Choc. chunk, but I liked the big chunks of chocolate better than the marshmallows).

When they bring Choc. chunk back, I will be ordering 20 boxes, as long as there is no max. Maybe more. So yeah, you can count me as a vote for bringing back choc. chunk bars.


Chocolate Chunk are BY FAR the best flavor. Rocky Road and Cookie Dough are also good (the texture of Cookie Dough is absolutely perfect), but they are a tad too sweet for massive consumption. The Chocolate Chunk bars were the best.

I don't understand the point of rotating production. I ordered the Rocky Road and Cookie Dough to tide me over until Chocolate Chunk bars are sold again, but ideally I would like them all to be available at the same time.

Can someone tell us when the Chocolate Chunk bars are going to be brought back?


Too sweet for mass consumption? Forget that, If I wasn't half way interested in staying somewhat lean those things would be GONNNEEE 2 days after they got here. The cookie dough bars don't melt in your mouth...they melt on your breathe. They are the softest bar on the planet and are absolutely every bit as good as a candy bar... Better.

That being said...Choc Chunk still kicks ass. My mom endorses(and steals) chocolate chunk bars and I will send a picture of her eating one if I have too. I will, of course, need a box of them as I have run out.