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CHOBBS Training Log + Life

Long story short. Previously had a log in, forgot my info and decided to make a new login. I’ve thought back and my best progress was when I was keeping a logbook and posting on here.

Height: 6’2
Weight: 210-215 lbs
I train 4-5 days a week and it will look life some version of this.

Monday: Upper
Tuesday: Lower
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Push
Friday: Lower
Saturday: Pull…or on Thursday/Friday if busy

Nutrition is where it gets messy. Monday - Friday I meticulously track my macros/calories. Hit 200+ protein and 2200-2300 cals a day. Very low I realize. Friday night-Sunday is relax time with beers/drinks/out to eat and it all balances out to maintenance calories.

Random life stuff: Live in the midwest, also immersing myself in the real estate world buying and holding long term single family homes with some small multi families.



SSB squats beltless…for working sets kept rest at 3 min
5’s up to 210x5 then 3x4 @ 210

Deficit deadlift beltless
6x1 @ 275 double overhand
315x1 over under
365x1 over under….bar speed was good

Bb row 2 min
115x 14,11,7….weak

Lat pull down 2 min

1 arm cable row

Incline curl

Fat bar reverse curl
2x a lot


Other random things that are semi important.

I try to get 10k steps in daily.

Rarely do cardio.

Recently became interested in intra workout nutrition. Currently supplement 5 grams of creatine, 10 grams EAA’s and 20-30 grams of cyclic dextrin.


Bench…3 min…all working sets paused
3x3 @ 235
Was supposed to be 3x1 @ 250 but I did a set of 1 and then 2 bc I’m lazy

In between every set of bench I did 4 pull-ups. Ended with 36 or 40 total.

DB floor press 2 min. Exaggerated paused
3x15 with 70’s

Seated HS row…2 min
3x15 with 90

Spider curl
Push down
Lateral raise
Giant set for 3 sets

Going to Chicago this weekend so have to condense my training week into 4 days.

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Didn’t push anything too hard since I’ll be training 4 straight days.

Squat beltless 3 min
3x1 @ 255…second week back to straight bar squatting. Feel like Bambi.

Deadlift beltless
295x5 straps
3x2 @ 295 with 2 sets over under and 1 set straps

Glute ham
6 reps, 6 reps then 4 assisted with PVC, 4 reps then 3 assisted

Leg curl -ss- leg raise
3x 8-12 each

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My elbows definitely were telling me today is my normal off day.

Close grip…pointer on smooth…2 min rest, normally would take 3 but training in the morning so semi rushed.
1x8 @ 205 then 205 x 6,5,5,5,5
4 reps of different variations of pull-ups in between each set. Ended up with 44

Seated OHP 2 min
45x15, 55x12,9,7

DB row 2 min
60x12,12 then my last set I did a cable row because Im lazy

Preacher curl -ss- French press 1 min

Seated lateral raise 1 min
3x fail

Squats tmrw morning

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Physique update. Unfortunately heading to Chicago for the weekend so I’ll be wrecking my wallet and waistline with overpriced drinks. Will get back on the train Monday.

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Squat…beltless…3 min rest between work sets
1x3 @ 255, 255x 2,2,2

Deficit dead
4x1 @ 275 double overhand every minute on the minute, then 4x1 @ 315 over/under

Leg press 2 min
3x15…these smoked me

1 leg squat

Front squat static holds
3 sets

Big day Monday. High school basketball practice starts in Indiana.

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Long practice today so got in and out in 50 min

Bench 2 min
5x3 @ 195 all paused
All sets super set with seated HS rows with varied grips. 6-10 reps a set. Ended up being 10 sets

Db low incline
Pull down
2 min

Spider curls
French press
3 x fail

Rear delt fly
Hammer curl

Hopefully big bench and squat coming later this week


Your training routine looks good. Mind sharing your age and short/long-term goals?
I appreciate how honest with yourself you are about your nutritional habits lol.

Thanks. All of my main movements are taken from Greg Knuckols 28 program download. I’m just getting into low bar squatting and deadlifting because of a groin injury. Recently turned 28 years old.

Short: Maintain Bw through winter. Always a tough time for me.

Long: Stay injury free and able to do the “big” movements

Nutrition for me is always rough. Monday - Friday day I’m always locked in. Macros hit, protein hit, intra workout nutrition, hydration on point…Saturday morning is when the sh!tshow happens. Bar crawl for sports games, breweries, etc. It should get better now that basketball has started and we have Saturday morning practices.

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Squat beltless
3x3 @ 185. Hopefully big one coming Friday. This week made me remember that at my strongest I did CAT squats once a week and normal squats once as well.

Dead’s beltless
335x3 straps
335x1,1,1 no straps

GHR 2 min
6,6,5….trying to always beat last weeks total reps but the machine has so many different settings and I forgot which one I used so it’s always different

Leg curl 2 min

1 atm farmers walks


What’s a CAT squat?


Basic thought is your body has no clue how much weight is on the bar, only how much force it needs to move the bar. With this you want want to milk out as many gains as you can with the least amount of weight. Ed Coan and Josh Bryant write a lot about it.

Sample cycle might be
5x5 @ 65%
5x4 @75
5x2-3 @ 85

or just 5x5 at 60-65% and the rep on your last set last rep needs to move as fast as the first set first rep.

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Good article on jtsstrength .com on CAT training titled “Squatting Big”.

Bench all paused up to 295x1…used a new closer grip. Thumbs length from smooth. I wish I could figure out how to upload a video

Low incline db 2 min
70x 15,12,9

Pec dec 3x8-10 -ss- foot elevated push up 3 x fail

French press -ss- lateral raise

Squats in less than 12 hours……not gonna be fun


11/12 quick turn around from 8 p last night to 6 a this morning.

Squat beltless up to 295x1. My confidence in the hole is non existent. I’m going to keep pushing beltless work as long as I can.

Pause squat 3x3 @ 225

Deads EMOM 5x1 @ 295 double overhand

Lunge 3x8 -ss- core

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You have to upload to YouTube (you can set the video to private there) then paste the link directly into your post here.

Sounds like too much work!


It usually is!