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Chlorodrol-50 vs. Halodrol-50?


I saw this stuff at massnutrition.com, chlorodrol-50. supposedly the same compound as halodrol-50. has anyone tried it?


Why would you want to?


I need to put on some size. I'm weak for a guy that weighs 220. I lost all my connections here so I figure I'd try some supplements.


Give me some stats. Tell us about your diet and your training. If it's strength you want, that's easy, lol.


I'm 5'4", 220 lbs, btwn 15 and 20%, pyramid up, pushing w pushing, pulling w pulling, cardio eod 30 min, gym 3 times a week (due to time constraints), 90% free weight, chicken, b rice, pasta, soy milk, evoo, fish oil, cereal, whey, nitrix (training days), cell mass(training days), all natural vitamin supps (i can't take anything w ascorbic acid due to meds). Put it this way, my bench is almost as much as my squat, that sucks.