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CHL/NCAA/NHL Hockey Players


Hello T-Nation,

I am just checking to see if a thread about hockey like this survives. Are there any hockey players here that are playing in the CHL/NCAA Div 1/ NHL?

My question is basically describe your situation. What are your off seasons? When do you train and how much do you take off and what do you do? I'm just curious to see what you guys are doing right now and from now until the camps start. You don't need to say your names, teams or even leagues. Lets talk off season training.



What I gotta be D-1 to anything about hockey? Well fuck you too then prick.

What if I spent time in Junior A? What about guys who went off and played QJHL then got stuck in the minors? They not good enough either?

So, where you play?

*Newsflash- you're not gonna catch a current D-1 or NHL player here, they have team trainers


Here are a few hockey specific workouts I've found:



buddy of mine plays on the leafs, im sure i could ask him next time i see him


That would be CHL.


I used to play Jr.A, went to the Royal Bank Cup and everything. Lost in the semis though. As for training, I really don't know, back then I could care less about it. Really depends what position you are though. I was a goalie so for that position I'd recommend pretty much everything that deals with explosive power coming out of the lower body. Pretty simple, haha.


I've beaten up guys that have played at those levels, if that qualifies me.


When I was in high school I was lucky enough to be able to skate with the Rangers on a few times. I can tell you that for the first few months they don't do anything but rest heal back up but when the do work out it is geared towards getting quicker and sometimes bulking up. Most will also try to get the team together to skate together to work on timing and other small things they can work on.


That reminds me. During the NHL lockout I got to play shinny with guys like Shane Corson, Darcey Tucker, Igor Ulanof and Jeff Cowan. After the "shinny" games which were always intense as hell, they would go upstairs and hit the weights. A lot of it from what I remember was just basic weightlifting, not that much different from what you would see some football players doing. I remember Corson though, his arms had to be at least 18'' and for a hockey player that's pretty big.

My next door neibhor(before he got drafted) is one of the top fowards in the NHL right now and all he does is party lol...not kidding,I see him every day.The guy is a cyborg.He hasan't been on skates in six weeks.All he wants to do is eat and heal up...and party.

I've been fortunate to meet a few of his teamates and they all drink and party,dosen't make em alchoholics they just have alot of free time.

Last winter I was watching a game with his dad and the team was playing like shit and I asked what the problem was.His old man said the rookie party was the night before and they were all hungover lol...Bottom line is they work hard and party hard.

As far as training...lots and lots of plyometrics.ladders,step-ups etc.The tear drop muscle on his quads is fucking crazy huge.Looks like a Christmas turkey leg.


I'll add my two cents to this one. I played junior then two years NCAA and just finished two years in the CIS, and next year I'm heading off to play some pro in France. As for hockey training it depends on how old school your coach is. Some teams just lift and run a ton. But the teams with real strength coaches (I know a few who work in the show) work in lots of lower body lifts, with single leg emphasis, and some oly lifting as well. Plyos, and sprints also come into play, as well as quick feet work on the speed ladder and hurdles.

The upper body training is pretty much just there because it helps bring the guys into the gym. Additionally, as I have gotten older there has been a huge emphasis on more core training and mobility work, which definately has helped me stay limber and ready to go.