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Chitosan...ever try it?

I was just kinda curious if anyone has ever tried chitosan in conjunction with a keto diet, and what sort of results did you get? It just looks like a waste of money to me but thats just a hunch.

If it worked the way it’s hyped (blocking fat from being absorbed) it would probably ruin a keto diet.

Your hunch is correct. If you do a search on “Chitosan,” you’ll find a thread from March of '01 in which Bodz cites a UC Davis study that debunked the whole product. My experiences with that product are on the same thread.

I was wrong when i asked about chitosan. I was thinking about the so called carb blocker that’s being marketed. I can’t remember the name.

anything that blocks absorption rates are junk in my opinion, I was discussing this with my uni lecturer (as well as the drug xenical that works in the same way) and there is the possibility of becoming deficient in the fat soluble vitamins with continul use, and just to put you of, if it does work you could have explosive oily diarrhoea (lovely huh)

There is a carb inhibitor on the market in britian called sugar bloc (by maximuscle, I haven’t looked to closely in to them, but if the are anything like the alpha glucoside inhibitors that are used by diabetics which inhibit intestinal carb enzymes (sucralase, maltase and glycoamylase) the will have draw backs such as abdominal pains and flatulance brought on due to fermentation of the carbs in the colon, considering you are on a keto diet you shouldnt need to use the products because you are not taking in the carbs to digest in the first place.

what killed me about that whole shtick is the fact that they did the ‘demonstration’ in a glass of friggin water. pH=~7. Like that is a good example of your gut? pH=~1. sure… whatever. the junk prolly degraded to salt and some other crap once it hit the acid in the gut. and even if it did work, would it have backed the pipes up something horrible?