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Chisle Down


Whats the easyest way to chisle muscle down. I have enough muscle to pull off alot of things but i wanna know how to chisle down the easyest way.


What do you mean by "chisel down"? Lose bodyfat, reduce the amount of muscle you have, gouge our bits of your anatomy?

For that last option, just go to BMEzine.com, and all of your questions will be answered.

The easiest way to reduce bodyfat is a hypocaloric food intake, paired with cardio and resistance training. So go on an intelligent diet, lift weights, and do cardio. Try Shugart's Velocity Diet if you want rapid results. It is easy, if arduous.

There is no "easy" way to reduce mass. You have to diet intelligently and exercise. There is no "magic bullet" supplement, injection, or exercise that will do it.


I'm not trying to be a jerk, but why in the world would you want less muscle? If you mean you want what you have to show more then I guess you need to lose a little fat.


You weigh 160lbs. Why are you trying to "chisle" it?

And why are people who can't create a decent legible sentence using this board so often lately? If it takes three detectives and a psychic to understand what the hell you wrote, why not do something about that? What the fuck does "easyest" mean? Quit making up new words!!


At 160 pounds the easiest thing to do would be to gain enough mass to displace the fat you have.

and no you don't


I realise this guy is a retard. But did you read his 'occupation'. His aspiration appears to be martial arts/gymnastics tricks. His statement is correct about having enough muscle. More muscle isnt going to help him much. He could gain 5kg muscle mass maximum, after this any gains would be suboptimal.


No I didn't. My mistake.


I give him 3 more posts before he writes about "loosing fat".


damm why dose everyone flame him....ur meant to be giving out advise...everyone trying to be internet haters..that ant cool!!

Just give the man advise and then handle your own business!


I've realized this too.

These are dark, dark times for the Nation.


Yea, because that's a good question to ask on a site devoted to bodybuilding- "How do I cut at 160"?

That's like going to Beer.com and asking how to quit drinking. Wrong fuckin site!




The below cracked me up!

If it takes three detectives and a psychic to understand what the hell you wrote


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Prof X ,u dont know what easyest means? Let me explain

Easyest: Meaning wanting results as fast as possible but to fuckin LAZY to read the articles here and put any effort into their training and nutrition. :smiley:

Simple as that.


K of K


You buncha jailus byatches


Hahahahahahha. Yep, that's it! Hahaha


Git Chisled my nizzled


[quote]Professor X wrote:

You weigh 160lbs. Why are you trying to "chisle" it?




I just threw up in my mouth.