Chiropractors- Your Thoughts

I’m very traditional when it comes to medicine (I don’t trust alternative styles) but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this.
I’d like to have my knees checked because they crack a lot and it feels like my knees are “tired”,kind of

What do you think of alternative medicine ?

It wouldn’t hurt to see someone and even try it for a while but in my opinion I don’t like the service. Maybe I’m blind or too young to realize it but I felt the chiropractors didn’t do a thing for my neck.

[quote]Horazio wrote:
I’m very traditional when it comes to medicine (I don’t trust alternative styles) but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this.
I’d like to have my knees checked because they crack a lot and it feels like my knees are “tired”,kind of

What do you think of alternative medicine ?

Your hips and/or ankles are stiff. Read up on some of the mobility articles here written by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson.

As for chiropractors, I’ll paraphrase an Active Release Technique practitioner I heard at a seminar: “If your chiropractor only cracks your back and provides electrical stimulation for 5 minutes, he’s not doing chiropractic.” Be wary of who you choose if you decide to go that route.

[quote]Horazio wrote:
I’m very traditional when it comes to medicine (I don’t trust alternative styles) but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this.
I’d like to have my knees checked because they crack a lot and it feels like my knees are “tired”,kind of

What do you think of alternative medicine ?

My Chiropractor fixes my spine pretty well. What Chiropractors deal with knees?

My chiropractor adjusts everything from my neck to my elbows, knees, etc. He suggests rehab stretches and exercises. He uses electric stim, heat/ice, traction, massage, whatever it takes.

I also have a naturopath who is a chiro too. It all depends on what you believe. I think if you find a good chiro, stick with him/her.

They’re not all quacks, that’s for sure.

I think if you can find a good one, they can be worth their weight in gold!


I too could use some advice on this.

My chiropractor got my neck better (stiffness relief and mobility improvement) after a rear-end car collision. It took about 2 months, 20 treatments of cracking and bending - classical chiropractic style.

Fast forward 4 years, I got an invite to a presentation of new services from the same Doc. He started this new thing called Network Spinal Analysis, gentle touching and stimulating of the spine and deep breathing approach.

After 10 ‘Entrainments’ I’ve concluded that this new treatment sucked. It didn’t make any difference other that have me breathe deeper and fall asleep on the table. (I’ve no problems with falling asleep). This is way too fu-fu for me. Sadly it’s all he does now.

During the initial assessments the doc aligned my two feet and pointed out one shorter that the other. Next he shifted a bone where head and neck meet. He aligned both feet again and presto! both even. Second time around, four years later he tries the same stunt and I shift the bone my self, he was not amused and said it could be dangerous.

The doc is a great guy, very fit for a 55+ year old, i.e. swims and looks it great shape. He’s also got three sons and a daughter, all of whom are practicing chiropractors both. This looks like a great business to be in, but I’m a very skeptical guy hence would like T-Nations thoughts?

Is chiropractic a science or a just snake oil medicine?

I love alternative medicine.

Has worked wonders for me.

There is a lot of snake oil mixed in with the science of chiropractics. My wife sees a chiropracter and after years of occassional back muscle strains I broke down and went to see her guy. I was kind of surprised when what he did (I’m assuming a “classical” back adjustment) helped.

since then I’ve gone to see this guy two or three times. Each time after I pulled a muscle in my back that would have normally knocked me out of the gym for a week or two. Each time the adjustment helped. Immediately after the adjustment my back felt a lot better and I would be back in the gym in a matter of days.

For me the best bet is to use good form and listen to my body in regards to how far I push myself in the gym. When I get a back ache that is of the kind that lasts for a week or more I’ll go see the chiropracter.

I don’t swear by the practice, but I have to say that when my back puts me down they have been able to help me recover faster and suffer less discomfort. I don’t put much stock in their “science” but it’s hard to argue with their results.

I used to goto a bad chiropractor who’d only crack my back and send me on my way and respond to my questions about back health with non sense and its unfixable kind of shit. I then went to a decent chiropractor who’s exercise prescription kind of sucks but he can get some results.

He even refused to crack me the first 3months i saw him because he knows himself its not going to do shit if I have horrible muscle imbalances. I do see him once every 2 months(or more often if i screw up my back) for a check up and tell him what exercises I’ve been doing and he’ll even check my form on said exercises.

We basically have a 20minute conversation about my problems and work together to find solutions. It helps that I’m educated on the human body thanks to this site otherwise he probably isn’t the best choice for the average person.

How about trying physiotherapy or an athletic therapist? Be warned that some physiotherapists like chiropractors are whacked out and offer terrible treatment options. I saw one physio that was prescribing out of date exercises and doing many other things that did litte in the way of results for me.

I saw another physio who thought the kinectic chain all came form the thoracic spine and any problem was a result of poor extension in this area including knee pain. His moto was not every problem is the same and he’ll treat you other ways if you want but he treated every patient the same way and refused to treat any other way by saying “it works for me and you need to keep doing it.”

Alls he’d do was pretend to be a chiropractor cracking people and praise stretching your chest 8 different ways would fix your problems…

I suggest you educate yourself as much as you can with information from this site and others like reading rehab cases on other web sites. If you know your stuff you can get further but professional help is great for finding the missing piece of the puzzle.


Look at the rates of performance professional athletes using Chiro, almost every one gets cracked. I know from my own experience that it is the only thing keeping me training because I get bashed up in MMA and gymnastics (my head is a great item to break my falls apparently).

I hit it up at least once a month and the difference is stark. After not going for about two months I went and my next squat day I put on 50 extra pounds. My C&J went up 4 kilos. Basically just like Mike Robertson claims posture is the key to strength.

If you are a sports athlete that wants to avoid injury or a BB type trainee who wants ot get bigger Chiro is almost necessary. On the other side you have to find a good one that comes recommended by other athletes. It’s best if he’s big as well, you get better adjustments.

Anybody claiming that the science is wonky needs to read more journal articles about bone and muscle alignment. This shit is as peer reviewed (by a diverse medical community mind you) as anything else. Don’t cheat yourself into injuries fellas, have fun


This is one of those topics that turns into a religious debate. There’s no end to the testimonials, but there’s also a healthy supply of quackery and exploitation of ignorance and the desire to beleive.

Back in high school I used to have to see the chiro sometimes, but I finally started doing more posterior chain movements, and haven’t had trouble since.

My jaw used to get painfully locked up before. After getting the chiropractor to push it back into place once a week it rarely ever gets locked up. Having the jaw pressed in certain areas is one of the most painful things, but it’s worth it. I haven’t went to chiro for about a year and it’s good now.

My right hip was jacked up back up in high school. Imagine trying to strike a soccer ball as hard as you can and hitting the ground before the ball. The chiro was able to pop my hip back into place and I haven’t had any problems since