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Chiropractor's Regimen. Thoughts?


This was my chiropractor’s regimen for my condition:

“Nimmo to the lumbar erectors, upper back and neck muscles. Followed by ultrasound and heat. The sacrum was adjusted side posture on both sides; Sacrum PIR right side up, Sacrum PIL left side up, T7 was adjusted supine with a blocker board into EXTENSION, not flexion (Not an Anterior Move), C7-T1 was adjusted bilaterally on the right and left as there was equal rotation restrictions to both the right and left side.”

In layman terms, it was to treat my condition of lower back and neck tension. I have an office job that requires me sit on the computer desk a lot. Though I go to the gym 3 times a week and play soccer once a week, I still feel slight tension. I am starting Rippetoe’s Starting Strength next month.

Any thoughts on exercises I should be doing/stretches/treatments/things to avoid?



Replace your chair with the big fit ball. It’s the only real purpose for it.

Apart from that just get regular chiro adjustments about once a month and add in a extra days of back work. As in cable rows, face pulls, inverted flies, scap push ups and various shrug movements including horizontal shrug variants [as in pulling from in front towards you].

You could also think about grabbing some massage from an experienced practitioner. If there is a college that teaches massage you might be able to get some additional massage at a very low cost from the students.