Chiropractors and Your Experience

I’m curious as to what you guys think about chiropractors. Have you had good experiences with them? Is anybody on here a chiropractor? What are your thoughts on what chiropractors do and actually becoming one?

I go to a chiroprator that also does active release. Its a good combination. I have had a lot of success with it.

I am one and would not do it if I were a student now. the possibility of earning a living is threatened by health care reform and insurance inequality.

As for me, I’m a level three ART guy and a chiropractor as I said.

When my shoulder was messed up, I first went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me a cortisone shot. 3 months later, when it was still messed up, I went back and he wanted to give me another one and told me to consider surgery and taking up ‘cross training’. I then went to a chiropractor who did his thing, and 3 months later, the shoulder is fine.

Mine is a Godsend.

my chiro Dr is former powerlifter, and has worked with lots of strength athletes, that’s what made me choose him. i recommend reg maintenance before real injurt strikes.
think its a great profession.

It sounds like you have all had great experiences. That’s good hear. Anybody on here that is currently a chiropractor do you have any suggestions/recommendations for getting started. I have a friend at the school in St. Louis,KC, and also the one in Iowa. The chiro school sounds tempting due to the fact it is near the beach. thoughts?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a chiropractor in Michigan? I am having a nagging shoulder issue I want taken care of.

I tore the ever living hell out of my serratus and simultaneously crushed my L5-S1 disc. Thanks to some rehabilitative lifting (re: looking like a pussy by deadlifting a naked barbell) and chiropractic visits twice a week, my back is damn near pain free.

Of course, my chiropractor is a former bodybuilder, so he knows really well what to look for in me. I’ll probably go to him for a few more weeks until I’ve been pain free for a while and then visit him every once in a while after that.

Honestly, try to find one that frequently works with athletes, and you’ll probably love it.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
Does anyone have any suggestions for a chiropractor in Michigan? I am having a nagging shoulder issue I want taken care of. [/quote]

I would find one that does ART as well as chiropractic. I’ve found the ART to be extremely beneficial.

My chiro is great, she does ART also. I’ve had nothing put positive experiences with her.
She knows her shit. I had a tear in the levator scapula area and the ART combined with strengthening my back using conventional bodybuilding has it at 90%. Before I couldn’t even do
bent over rows without pain.

going to the chiropractor is heaven on earth. my dr’s also do physical therapy so its great. I was told i would never play competitive sports again by 3 orthopeadic (sp) surgeons and the chiro got me playing again. I swear by mine. he also does a lot of work with athletes and was a d1 athlete himself so its great. i highly recommend chiropractors to anyone who will listen haha

Anybody have any success with these guys?

If you find a good one your good as gold! I like manual adjustment which my buddy doesn’t do too often on me. More of the gun thing, activator?

If your near Vero Beach, Fl. I know of a great one! Wish I still had him.

Just seen mine yesterday…I had some issue with my back for 3 weeks…it was affecting me taking deep breathes…keeping me from working out at my normal capacity. He is a genius in my book…works with lots of athletes. Really has helped me with lots of issues from old injuries.

Do you guys know if choros/ART specialists are better for things like abdominal strains than PTs?

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
Do you guys know if choros/ART specialists are better for things like abdominal strains than PTs?[/quote]

I’m also a chiro. For something like an abdominal strain I would recommend you find someone who can perform SPRT (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping). In my experience, this is by far the best taping method for strains. This in combination with adjustments and other modalities (I like interferential) would be my course of action in your situation.

Why is it some Chiros use the gun with most of their adjustments and other will use mainly manual adjustments?

I went to two of them. One has experience with Olympic athletes and knows ART and Graston while the other only cracked backs and threw you on the electric stim machine. My limited experience tells me I will never waste my time on a chiro that doesn’t have athletic training experience.