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Chiropractor or ART?

I went to the Chiropractor, he took an xray and a picture when I’m normally standing straight. He said the my neck spine is curved the opposite way, that I’m leaning to the left, and I have really tight muscles on the right side of my neck which are the reasons why I’m having multiple issues (sore left knee, sore right arm, lower back tightness, etc).

He said I’ll need about 60 visits over the course of a year to correct both… I’m not real familiar with chiropractic work so I’m asking if this sounds reasonable? Would this be something that would be better addressed through ART?

60 visits?!?! Holy crap thats a lot.

I don’t have anything to add, but I’m actually interested in finding an ART practitioner myself. Anyone go to an ART practioner here? I’m curious what your experiences with it were like

ART or a good PT. Or an honest Chiro with ART or PT training.
A good therapist should be able to get some relief fairly soon.

A good chiro would know alot about ART and trigger point stuff.

One with recent training would be more up to date. There is a huge variety in the honesty and ability of chiro’s. Also any good chiro will be loosely networked with PT’s, massage therapists, accupuncturists.

If you can get in with one good person, they will refer you to other good people.

But spending time with a clown of a chiro is just money down the drain. Find someone with a holistic approach, not a ambulance chaser running a truck stop style clinic.

ok, so the picture or the x-ray shows your standing in a shifted posistion in your “normal” posture.
when you assume your upright posistion to do curls (if you look in a mirror) you will notice that your body is not centered(strenal notch not over umbilicus). If your not centered one side is bearing more weight. Depending on your age and muscle density no amount of ART will change the wrong curve in your spine.
ART will help with the pain in the muscles which are tight and painful but as long asyour Ap X-ray is off center mechanically you won’t be sound and will be more prone to injuries now or bigger joint problems(hip,knee,back)later.
Check out the www.idealspine.com website on the left side. Read the technique section.
60 visits sounds like alot but its like the Shell Oil commercial “you pay me now or you pay me later”.
Chiro now or sometime later an ortho for the surgery.Oh yes thats right insurance pays for surgery.
Think about the down time, the recovery, the rehab(months,years).
Did you read the Gluteal Amnesia story by Dave Tate with Alwin Cosgrove?
Live and learn.
Dr. Tim

I would be cautious. By getting a mental committment to 60 visits he has guaranteed himself that income and decreased your expectation of fast results. I have been a therapist for over ten years and would expect you to start seeing good results within 1-4 visits. Maybe not “cured”, but seeing good results. I’ve had patients who got hit by cars who didn’t need 60 visits (or even 20 for that matter). While ART is a very successful treatment method, I feel Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is better. MAT will help improve your range of motion and make sure that the improved range is also stable. It is the best tool I have come across in my years as a therapist. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any certified practitioners in HI (go to www.muscleactivation.com). I would shop around for another chiro or go to an ART therapist. If you don’t get positive results after a max of 4 visits, go somewhere else. Don’t be afraid to try multiple practitioners, skill levels vary widely.

Come on guys. How about there is a curve there?
Would you high quality therapists (chiro,pts)try to straighten teeth with muscle work.
Ligements hold teeth not muscles.Braces-over time move teeth.
Do we find it suspicious when a dentist recommeds braces? No, we can see the crooked teeth.
With the correctly posistionedx-rays we’ll see the spine.
With scoliosis, people wear their brace 23 hrs. out of 24.But you don’t have a scoliosis.
If you study lever arms you would understand the increased forces being applied to the human skeleton.
Dr. Tim

60 visits is just plain ridiculous - are you in the US and therefore your medical insurance is being ripped-off for this?

A lateral shift in the cervical area of the spine is very common - the shift of a vertibrae posterior will cause a shift to the side. Over time the muscles will hold that imbalance in place, hence the muscle tightness.

Adjustment of this sublaxation (shift) is a 30-second manouvre for a trained practitioner. It will have to be checked regularly and re-adjusted until the muscles hold the correct position. Regular warm neck wraps (those herbal cloth wraps that you pop in the microwave to heat up) will help relax the muscles more. If you can get hold of it, a muscle heat balm called “Tiger Balm” is ideal, though best to select the White version rather than the Red.

Was there any rotational scoloisis of the lumber region? Often if the neck is set to one side, the hips are out of alignment to the other side.

Avoid actions that worsen stress on your neck, such as sitting too far from the computer screen and subconciously jutting your head forward. Also consider an Orthopeadic pillow as they can help a great deal.

Good luck.

60 visits!!! That’s enough to hurt someone real bad. I use a chiropractor and at most it’s once amonth, and I have degenerative disks.

The chiropractor only took a xray of my neck from the side. He said the neck spine is supposed to curve forward to hold the head but mine is straight or slightly curving backwards. How long would it take to correct just this? Because from what you all have said, that can’t be fixed with ART correct?

Sorry for the delay in answering,I just got into the office.
A reversed cervical curve depending on the type of rehabilatative treament could take up to a year.
That is a qualified statement though.

With the correct sequence of care consisting of traction, adjustments & exercises it could be faster than 60 visits.
There are 2 chiros in HA that I would talk to.
On the idealspine.com web site ,under resorces-find a CBP doctor. The ones with the most course work are the ones you want.