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Chiropractor in the Chicagoland Area?


I am looking for a Chiropractor but don't have any referrals from others that are sports oriented. I have been to a couple and "interviewed" them and they just don't cut it. The only one I found was my teacher when I was in school for massage but she has since stopped.


Hey HL, I recommend Dr. Josh Akin at the Poliquin Performance Center in Northfield, IL. Really great guy who knows his stuff.


Thanks Back. I found one called Active Body. They all do ART and work on atheletes. It is much closer to my house too. Check them out:



I went to Dr. Stuart Yoss in Deerfield area for a number of years. He's the team chiropractor for the local Arena Football team. Most importantly, he knows ART.

I strongly recommend him!


Here's the link to Dr. Yoss



Dr. Meeting is right in Chicago, he does ART. Actually going to him tomorrow morning.