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Chiropractor in Northern Virginia or DC


There seem to be a lot of DC area people here. Anyone have a good chiropractor to recommend? Or ART or a masseuse?


Hey mate, saw your post in the SAMA forum to here.

I go to Active Spine and Sport in Ballston. The guy I go to is Dr. Ryan


Real good guy and knows his stuff. He also lifts (not a huge guy though but knows a lot about it).

$25 per session with my insurance, but probably less depending on what your insurance copay is.

Tell him Nate recommended you.


Thanks, Nate.


Forgot to mention I've only been to him for ART...but im sure hes a good chiro too...not sure about standard massages though (i usually go to craigslist for those, but thats another story haha)

He was able to loosen up my psoas enough that I stopped having debilitating back pain, as well as open up my shoulder girdle on right side due to impingement coming from my chest...good guy...i may actually go pay him a visit


Sorry for the bum info, but apparently Ryan doesn't work with them anymore...still lots of good skilled people there though...I think my appointment today is with Dr. Oglestein (sure i misspelled that)....


Sure, Dr. Dan Hockstra: http://www.gentletouchllc.com/Home_Page.html He's a chiropractor who does ART.

Been seeing him for years and highly recommend him. Like Nate said, cost depends on the copay. I pay $16.55.

If you contact him, tell him Dan from Station 13 recommended you.