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Chiropractor Can't Really Adjust Me

I’ve been to 2 chiropractors in the last few years. The first literally could not get me to “pop”, then when he couldn’t, he would call call me a “Tough Guy” LOL. The second and most recent, could get some adjustment but it still left me feeling like I was still tight and needing more.

Do any of you have this issue?

No sir. You may want to try a massage followed by an adjustment. I used to get a combo deal and I felt there was a lot of synergy there.

Yea I’m pretty much the same. He can do my neck and stuff but my back won’t ever do anything. Pretty much almost breaks my ribs and it still won’t pop, which is a shame as that’s what I want popped the most.

I need one of those old school desks to lean back against.

I had/have this issue. Your chiropractor could probably use a few more lifting sessions IMO.

If you dont get 10-15mins on this bad boy before your adjustment, you’re basically wasting your time. image
still, I have found chiropractors to be a pretty big waste of time and money (not throwing shade at anyone who is a chiropractor, I just think most people are capable of fixing their backs on their own if they are intuitive enough)

He does use the traction table but usually after the adjustment. Does STEM prior to the adjustment.

I’m going to buy myself an inversion table for Christmas. I had one in the past when I was a heavy squatter and deadlifter and had a lot of compression issues but I got rid of it when I moved the last time due to space.

I always thought that these two things should be offered in the same office. Actually, I also get acupuncture twice a month and keep telling my guy he needs to create a acupuncture/massage/chiropractor combo visit. Can you imagine? You’d be a big pile of goo at the end! :smiley:

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the only chiro i ever had that was moderately good was one that used the traction table prior to my adjustment. It helped lossen my back up enough to get a few good cracks out of the adjustment. A lot more than if i wasn’t on the traction table first.