How many of you have had experiences with chiropractors, good or bad? I was wondering if, aside from treatment of a bad back, there is any utility to regular adjustments in terms of the weight lifting or bodybuilding lifestyle. And not theoretical benefits, but real, measurable benefits that you or someone you know has experienced. Thanks guys.

I’ve been seeing a chiro for a couple years now, about once a month when I’m doing great and once a week when I’ve got something he’s directly working on. Can’t say that the maintenance stuff does much, but my insurance covers it, so I don’t complain. I’ve seen the “skeptics” site, and they put is that chiros just generate fees for ongoing care for things that would resolve themselves in 3-4 weeks. If I was paying it out of my own pocket, I’d only go when I had a specific problem to be addressed.

Dr. Ken Kinakin addressed this question in a recent tmag article. Muscular and movement imbalances can be treated often times before symptoms occur, which can be preventitive. It all depends on what you as a patient would like to get out of it.

Zip!!! I didn’t notice any benefit.