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Chiropractic Advice

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. About 10 years ago I saw a chiropractor who had some type of device that you stand on and can measure discrepancies in body symmetry, (leg length, hip height, shoulder height). After the consulation, he told me one leg was shorter than the other and gave me heel lifts. Problem is, I no longer have the lift and don’t remember which is the affected leg. I think this could be why I have been having trouble with tight IT band and hip flexors.
Does anyone know what this device is called? I want to find a chiropractor that can check this for me?

I had a chiropractor do a spine test on me at the gym the other day. He used some sort of device to take measurements of my bone structure.

He pointed out 2 problem areas that I have and I wanted to know if chiropractors, as a whole, are respected in their opinions and if I should consider seeing this guy to fix my problem. I’ve never been before.

About a year ago I hurt my Lower back dead lifting. To the point I could barley walk. After seeing my Chiro for a month I was back to doing light deads. Two months and the pain was gone. I still see him monthly for an adjustment. I would recommend him to anyone.