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Chiro or General Practitioner?

Four weeks ago or 5 I hurt my back some how, I think from lifting weights. I finally feel good and loose again to get “meaningful” workouts. Not sure what happened but my back just hurt like f*ck, tense as shit, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move, etc etc. Coughing hurt…in fact just plain old breathing hurt for the first couple days, the side of my ribs kind of hurt, f#ck! Glad those times are through…

The closest thing I can remember is I may have had bad form on heavy floor presses with the bar being too low/not over my chest. Because that’s where the pain really was worst, it was like my upper spine was in severe pain for a while.

Then oddly enough it got better after a couple weeks, but then my lower back started hurting for a week. And now it feels OK…

But before I hit the gym hard again I want to at least get an opinion from a “trained professional”. Would a chiropractor be a better start? This kind of injury just hasn’t happened to me ever so I’m inexperienced in how to pursue. I don’t want to get shitty advice from a doctor who sucks.

Your best bets are to go with a Sports medicine specialist (fellowhip trained and boarded). These can have either done a Family medicine residency or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency. Going to an orthopedic spine specialist will be overkill, as if you don’t need surgery, their eyes glaze over and aren’t very helpful. Sometimes you will be luck enough to find one to offer unnecessary surgery.


it could also help to post vids of your lifts. especially side on views where people can see how you are holding your back for various exercises. i’ve found that i’ve profited a lot from feedback offered to me on these boards, anyway.