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Chipotle on a Diet?


Restricting calories sucks. Tuna str8 out the can, plain chicken breasts,tilapia, cod, strained yogurt,egg whites, cottage cheese, fresh frozen berries, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and various other low calories fruits and veggies can get boring after a while.

Tried brainstorming creative ways to spice things up finding food that tastes good but won't leave me drinking casein shakes with water for the last couple meals of the day in desperation not to go over target calorie range.

Changed things up today by going to chipotle for lunch getting a burrito bowl with no rice, no beans, double meat requesting for it to be a combination of all 4 available meats.(1/2 order ~2 oz each kind of meat) topping the bowl off all the way with the tomatoes (~3 scoops ~10 oz) and that's it.

Went on the chipotle site and estimated total calories to be between 370 and 390.

It tasted way too good to be under 400 cals. Can this be accurate?

Any other creative ideas to cheat without really cheating?


I would not be wasting my money eating out to get 400 calories.


It was expensive $9.XX....

I don't really care about money (that's probably why I don't have any)

"Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part
of your life" Micheal Leboeuf
"The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money"

I use those quotes to cheer up when I'm broke


I know this might sound crazy, but if you're bored with foods just buy different foods. There are a lot of different sorts of vegetables. Also, don't crash diet. And throw in some fats dude.


$10 for 400 calories?

Go buy $10 worth of steak and sweet potatoes and congratulate me later. Buy whichever cut of steak is on sale and throw some sea or kosher salt on it before cooking. And cinnamon/nutmeg on the potato.


Truth. Listen to this man.


If you are on a diet..there's still no reason you can't eat what the fuck you want...just fit it in your macros/calories for the day. Seriously.

If I'm going to chipotle..I'm having 1 or 2 full size burritos...I would never dream of going there and spending 9 fucking dollars for some half ass meal that isn't going to satiate me.


Yes you can eat chipotle and still lose fat. This is probably the best "fast food" place to eat. If you're watching your carbs get chicken and beef in a bowl with extra guacamole. If not, load it up with beans and brown rice as well.


Lol..why the fuck should it be brown rice?


I have been eating fats (when I haven't had any fruits for a while) so that my body does not get used to breaking down protein for energy.

Marinated tuna in olive oil i've been eating str8 out the can and it has 20 grams of fat/280 calories per can. One of those and I'm good for 3.5-4 hours.

I'm also throwing in a little bit of almonds/pecans when I'm under for the day before the nighttime casein shake to not keep my calories too low so my BMR doesn't get too low.

I'm trying to avoid crash dieting but on a few days I had to resort to casein shakes with water for the last 5-7 waking hours due to poor calorie management.

The equivalent ounces of the meat I had at for lunch (8 oz) if I got a lean 8 oz steak it would be around 400-450 calories and the sweet potato would be around 100 calories for a total of ~500-550 calories. Lean steak/sweet potato sounds like a winner for that once in a while meal that serves to break montony, not get too many extra cals in one meal and to vary my vegetable sources by getting more orange vegetables.

Throw out any other suggestions that come to mind to kinda cheat but not really cheat. I can use as many tools as I can to ensure that I make it through this thing.


This is why I fucking IF. I will never be happy on a cut eating small ass 500kcal meals. Thanks, but I'd rather eat two giant ass fucking meals over the second half of the day evening and go to sleep full and satisfied.


If I had a full size burrito when conditions don't call for a cheat meal with the works it would be ~1000 calories and I would have to deprive myself for rest of day. The meal I had was extremely satiating (relative to what I have been eating I felt like I was eating like royalty) the tomoatoes filled the bowl up and those seasoned tomatoes are the shiznit.

I'm trying to cheat without going all out and really cheating kind of like if you're married and you go to a strip club. well not really bad analogy


I've been having some good results with this protocol so going to stick with it and maybe try something else next time around.


I've been going there after tuesday night workouts. I eat 1 Burrito there and 1 Burrito at home 20 minutes later.

I never get the brown rice. You want the white post workout. :slight_smile:

IF is awesome. Chipotle is awesome. Win for me.


Okay..this is why I don't eat for the first half of the day...you have it backwards lol. If you don't eat..for the first half of the day, after a week you won't be hungry doing that..you will not even think of food. Then when you do have your food..your 2 or 3 meals..they can be a chipotle burrito with the works.

That is the whole reason behind IFing on a diet..


lower glycemic load, less processed, more nutritious.


Tastes worse and harder to digest for some people.
and correct me if I'm wrong but in an IFers case you have a smaller feeding window and most of your carbs should be around workouts so it kind of makes sense to eat somewhat faster carbs anyways imo.
Once upon a time bonez mentioned his idea about how the GI of foods is less pertinent when you begin mixing foods together.
This makes much sense in my mind.
For example like white rice eaten with meat, vegetables and fat sources like vco and so on.


Wow dude I would re-examine your diet and consider making adjustments...no need to make life so difficult for yourself.

You look fairly lean in your avatar, are you trying to get even leaner?

Because if not, and if you find yourself hungry for nutritious foods all the time, thats a sign your body is trying to grow and should be heeded.


Fats in the meats will slow digestion anyway. I don't think white rice v. brown rice really matters much unless you're trying to have very lean meat with white rice around workouts. I eat about 2 cups (uncooked measure) of white rice per day and haven't really seen any ill effects FWIW.


um im gong to go with: irrelevant, so?, fair point.