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Chipotle Good For Bulking?


I'm trying to gain and I have a local Chipotle near me.

I usually get barbacoa beef, rice, salsa, black beans, and cheese.

is this place good if you're looking to bulk?


Any place that sells food is perfect for bulking.


Depends on whether you want to look cool or like Fat Albert. Do a search for anything by John Berardi (pre-Dr.) or Lonnie Lowery. I don't think they have Chipotle or McDonalds (they own Chipotle) in their plans.


I would think so. Baja Fresh was a nice staple of mine during a recent bulking phase. My mouth is watering just reading your burrito description.


Chipotle's delicious, and I don't think it's in McDonald's class in terms of nutritional harm. With lots of carbs and chicken or beef, should be a great source for bulking. Be cheaper to buy groceries though obviously.


The only thing I'd be concerned about is the 500+ calorie, high glycemic, white flour, bigger than Ronnie Coleman's GH gut tortilla...



Are you really that concerned about a flour tortilla?

If so, I think this is a good example of how people get too carried away with trying to follow a theoretically perfect diet. I'll eat Chipotle, usually post-workout, and I don't even go through traditional bulking cycles.

Unless your somewhere around 150 lb or less, a 500 calorie meal all that big either.


I am pretty sure 500+ calories is without the cheese, sour cream, etc. I read that if you get one loaded it is somewhere around 1000+ calories. But hey, at least it has some fiber and protein. Oh and it tastes great.


I reckon everything in moderation, like once a week when bulking. Making this kind of thing the cornerstone of an eating regime is like trying to be a better husband by practising sex with some female friends. It might help in the short term, but in the long term there are ramifications.

There might well be fibre, protein and some decent fats even in the junkiest of meals but you have to deal with all the crap and the chemicals in this stuff.

I know this isn't unbeknowest to most, I just reckon justifying eating junk food by saying you are bulking is an excuse I've used in the past and had a hard time dealing with the excess fat you can put on.


I love Chipotle, and you can tailor their menu to fit your needs. I usually get a steak salad with extra steak. If I'm carb laoding, I'll get a burrito bowl with rice and chicken. It's expensive but if money not a concern and you make good choices, Chipotle is good. Check out Chipotlefan.com for nutritional value and caloric breakdown.


I should add, however, that buying groceries and making your own food (you can make a chipotle burrito bowl at home) is cheaper and probably healthier and what I normally do. I use Chipotle when working and I don't have time to pack my lunch before I leave.


I live about a block from a Chipotle so they get much of my lazy money. When I'm watching health content more closely I'll get the chicken burrito bowl with no rice, very little beens, fajita veggies, and double chicken. Looking it up on chiptolefan.com it ends up not being too unhealthy so far as P+F meals go.


Yeah - they're great in a pinch. You can get the bowls, get the extra meat and tell them to hold (or greatly cut back) on the sour cream, cheese, etc. Since they throw it all together for you on the spot, you can have them exclude anything bothersome and add other good stuff.


Holy shit. I just looked up what i normally eat at Chipotle 2-3 times per week. Here is the nutritional content.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Burrito
Amount Per Serving

Calories 1306 Calories from Fat 447

% DV*

Total Fat 50g

Saturated Fat  20g

Cholesterol 121mg

Sodium 3393mg

Total Carbohydrate 148g

Dietary Fiber  12.6g    

Sugars  6g

Protein 64g

Vitamin A 105%

Vitamin C 24%

Calcium 50%

Iron 26%


I had been thinking about asking for more meat. Do they charge extra?


Nuff said.....


i go with a steak/chicken burrito with black beans, extra romaine, pico de gallo, corn salsa, and hot salsa. no rice, cheese, sour cream nonsense.

i eat this rarely though, because i hate supporting mcdonalds. i much prefer that in-n-out gets my money.


The killer on that is the Sodium. That is enough salt for three (1330) Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese (from the McDonalds site)


What's the danger of sodium for healthy, training individuals?

I don't think i's a big deal unless one suffers from HPB. Just seems like something the media have blown out of porportion.


i've always thought that for a really hard gainer mexican food would be best for bulking. real mexican food