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Chinups with 110 lbs


So this doesn't really fit in anywhere, so I decided to post it here.

I had a really good day yesterday, and decided to try to do some chinups with 110 lbs.

Here's the result.

Yeah yeah, I know. It's not that impressive because I'm a tiny little shit (I'm around 138).


Get that chin over the bar or it don't count!

Keep up the good work bud :wink:


I'm still waiting for the first rep.


sorry bro, thats closer to a curl than a chin-up. check your upper arm/elbow movement in relation to your torso. ditch the ego and do them right, youll be much happier with the progress in the long run. thats not to say you dont have strong biceps though.


You should do pull ups.


I dunno about that. You can see him pulling his elbows to his torso from a dead hang and to me that shows mostly back involvement. If he was starting from 90 degrees and pulling his chin above the bar I would agree with you.


Guess what OP? You've got a strong ass 250 lb curl! Congratulations!


In all seriousness, this was a dumb ass comment.


You guys wanna critique my chinup form too? I did these early this year, and I thought my form was pretty strict.


Nicely done man, I've only ever managed 1 rep with the same weight... and its less relative to my bodyweight than yours lol. Anyway point is you should try one arm chinups bro, good fun that



In regards to technique, I know it's not the cleanest technique in the world. I was wondering how high I could go and still resemble a chinup. With 90 lbs., my technique is pretty clean.


Oh, and I'll work on the one-arm chins. I've been able to do one 1-arm chinup about 10 months ago, but back then, I wasn't able to do two-handed chinups with as much weight.


That was pretty close to a max so in my opinion technique was good. Max effort lifts are not always pretty. Im impressed


Wendler does heavy weighted chins, apparently "for his ego":


Thanks :slight_smile:


Chin is not over the bar so they don't count.



That's very respectable. 80% of your bodyweight external resistance is very impressive.

This is entirely off topic, but is your forum name a subtle Kurt Vonnegut reference?


Very good chin strength for your size.

What gym in TO do you work out of?


Nope. I'm not even sure who that is. My forum name is the first 2 letters of my last name, followed by my first name.


The (soon to be demolished) Bathurst Jewish Community Centre (BJCC). Do you know it?


Oh. I had actually read "kilgor" - probably because I wanted to see it.
Kurt Vonnegut is a 20th century author who wrote some pretty good books... A couple of his books involved a character named Kilgore Trout.

Either way, nice work on the chins.