Chinups On Powerack

The powerack I’ve ordered is a couple of inches lower than the ceiling of my garage so I won’t be able to use the chin up bar on the rack as there will not be enough room for my head to clear the bar.

So instead I was thinking of maybe placing the safety pins at the highest level and setting the barbell across it and doing chinups from it, but am wondering if this will be ok? I’m worried that the bar might sway left to right, also I won’t need to reach up to grab the bar as it will be at a relatively low height compared with a normal chinup bar which means I can grab it standing and will just have to lift my legs off the ground to lower myself down.
Anyone else tried chinups like this??

I misread that the first time.

I don’t like doing pullups with a bar on pins as it does tend to move a bit.

If you’re doing your chinups slow and controlled I don’t think the bar will sway too much. Also, as long as it’s pinned it shouldn’t be a problem.

It seems like it would work fine, haven’t tried it personally, though.

I prefer to set the hooks at the highest level so the bar doesn’t move around so much. Chins like that are fine my gym has no chin up bar so this is how I do them all the time

The included bar might still have some use - if you do sternum pull-ups then the lack of clearance could be beneficial as it would force you to use good form.

I’ve wrapped two towels over the top bar and done chinups like that before. The prolem with them is they fry your grip well before your back, so I’m considering investing in some rings. But I’ve done them with a bar across the pins, I found the movement of the bar to annoying so I progressed onto towels.

I have been doing pull ups off my rack for a year now and it is fine. Works good and you get the added benefit of holding your legs up as you raise and descend. Real good for the abs and i think it makes it easier to do pullups on a normal pull up bar at work since i can focus on only doing the pull up and not lifting my legs at the same time.

you can also do them gripping the safety pins, so then you don’t even need to worry about bar sway and roll-a-round.

It’s a very good thing to do pull-ups on an unstable bar as it forces you to use proper form. And it also makes the stabilizers work harder - a back will look much better training that way.

Furthermore the caryover is pretty substantial. Pull-ups on a stable bar become easier and you’ll have improved mind-muscle neuro connection which will help you with your future efforts involving these muscle groups. Let the bar be unstable, I say, the benefits are worth it.

Is it possible to cut the drywall and box in a spot between the ceiling joists in the ceiling to give more headroom above the chin bar.