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Chinup/Pullup Alternative?


I rather use chinups and pullups as an accesory exercise and have a non-bodyweight vertical pull as my main vertical pull, for a simple reason;
my bodyweight fluctuates frequently, so even doing weighted chins, progress and programming is inconstant and irregular.

Any ideas for a fixed vertical pull? My gym's cable pulldown machines don't go heavy enough.


I doubt a couple pound variation will make a difference. Does your weight fluctuate 10 lbs/day?


So exactly how much weight can you do on the lat pull down and for how many reps?


It often has to, yes.


On THAT pulldown or any other?
I've never used any other. That one only goes up to 275lbs I think, which I can knock for clean sets of 12.


Use bands for added resistance.


I'm not seeing a real reason to not do pullups. Weigh yourself and add plates to adjust accordingly.


This looks good, thanks.


I don't want to drop them, just use them as an assistance exercise.
Much like I use weighted dips as an assistance exercise for my bench.


How big are you OP?


Big enough to rep 275 for 12 and old enough to party!!!



the OP says he reps 275 for 12 reps but is worried about weight variations effecting his pull ups??? that seems weird