Chinup Bars

I am looking for a portable chinup bar or some other contraption I can brace against a door jam to do chins.

Does such a thing exist?

You can find something like that at most sporting goods stores in any mall across America

They’re all over. I found one in the Thursday trash in NYC. It’s called Door Gym. It cantilevers to attach to the door jam. It is pretty nice. Allows me to do wide grip chins, pull ups and neutral grip pulls. When I’m done I just take it down. No fitting, bracing or anything else is necessary.

Personally, I don’t like these devices for several reasons. Not the least of which is feeling confined between a doorway while performing Pull-ups. Also, I have found that they slip and slide in many cases, making them unsafe and giving you an inferior grip.

Better you find a piece of pipe, the right size and hang it from your cieling somewhere.

I do commend you for wanting to do Pull-ups however!

I thought about getting a chinning bar that fits in the doorway, but I’d heard they’re not as stable, and with most you don’t have much space.

So I went to home depot, bought a 4ft. steel pipe and hung it from the joists in my basement with four 60lb. support hooks. It was cheap, easy, and it works great.

A couple years ago I bought something similar to a door gym, except it screwed into the doorframe as well as pressing against the ceiling. I found it extremely stable; bought it at Sports Authority for maybe $30.

But my new apartment’s ceilings are too low (i’m 6’3 and dont want to duck down every time i pass through the door frame.

The idea of hanging a bar from the ceiling sounds good, but I live in an apartment, with a plaster ceiling. Any way I can hang something that heavy (me) from the ceiling? Do plaster ceilings have studs strong enough?


Thanks people, you answered my questions perfectly, I suspected that these things are not that stable. I will have to try to rig something up I guess or maybe look at buying a stand-alone chin-dip station.

have one as well…

don’t know about yours but mine is quite narrow (doorway is the limiter here)… however, i got my best work done on that thing. could try max repetitions @ home… and then be confident diong it @ the gym :slight_smile:

Mine is pretty stable. I tend to be smooth in my motion and don’t jerk myself up, and I’m not yet strong enough for ballistic chins so that isn’t an issue.

The doorway is a limiter for my elbows but I saw a version that puts the chinning bar 12 " away from the wall/door plane That way you don’t get any interference. It’s a nice design. Google for “pull up bar” and look for “easy chin bar” in the right hand “sponsored links.” It’s a nice looking design.