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Ok, here's the problem. This summer I was about 195 lbs. and could do 10 chin-ups. Now, after squatting and focusing on lower body training, I'm now sitting at 215-220 lbs (almost just legs) and doing 6-7 chins takes me all I've got.

I really want to up those numbers as this is ridiculous. Would focusing on chin-ups three times a week be any good ? I'm currently doing a full body routine three times a week. What set/rep scheme would you use through the week ? Any advice will be very appreciated. THX.


You should stop training legs again and just focus on you back.



Change up the reps.

Maybe try 3 x 10 weighted for a little while then switch back over to somthing with higher reps.

This should shock your muscles into growth and youll be back at 10 chins in no time.


I did 10 x 3 for chins in my programs to get in alot of volume. It worked for me.


Your an ass


This is spot on advice! In fact, you should take this further. From now on don't do the following:

-Bench press
-lift weights

These things will cause you to gain weight, thus making chins harder. In fact, I would also suggest the following:

-Run 20 miles a day
-Take a prescription laxative
-Chop off a leg

This should help reduce your bodyweight to a level low enough to do 10 chins.

Seriously, who the hell wants to stop working out their legs? I believe he's wanting advice on how to get stronger at chins. He didn't say anything about being unbalanced, just that he's gained leg mass from introducing squatting (which means he has probably corrected a previous imbalance).

I've gotten great results from doing just one, super strict super clean chin-up in between every exercise that I do every day that I hit the gym. This helps your CNS get more efficient at performing the chins. Then, on whatever day that you do chins, do a few good sets of five (if you're current max is 6-7) with some rest.

I've also seen good results just trying to get fifty chins one day a week, no matter how many sets it takes.

Of course, what do I know? I'm only 225lbs, squatting 565 lbs and doing 15 straight chins. I should probably stop squatting and I could surely get that number up to 20.


That's not very nice.

And yeah, just doing 1 or 2 sets of chins every time you hit the gym should be enough. It makes sense that your numbers have gone down since you've gained weight and haven't been training them.

The moral? Never stop doing chins.


Should I incorporate other back movements, let,s say I do 1-2 sets at every workout, should I do another back movement in the workout ?


Did you seriously just ask "Should I train chins three times a week if I want to get better at them?"


Depends on your recovery abilities. Personally, I'd say (if you're on a body part split) to do just do chins, but also have a back day. I was using a Westside template when I increased my chins, so I was already doing back work 4 times a week, but at a lower volume than most bodybuilding splits.

Experiment. See how you recover/progress. Just make sure to keep a training log so that you can tell if any of your lifts are decreasing.


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