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Ive read many articals here and it seems that most people have been in favor of chins rather than pull ups. I've always thought of chins being obsoulete to pull ups for reasons unknown. Whats sujested and why?


Do both. Vary your grips. Both can and should be used to hit different areas of the back and biceps.


I think people often use the terms interchangeably.

Do them both.


I always alternate: pull-ups (pronated), then neutral (hammer-grip), then finally chins (supinated). As my back and lats weaken I can get in more reps by doing the hardest type (for me) first. I don't think there is any best variation, certainly no variation could be considered "obsolete".


Agreed. Pullups are harder for me, but I switch them up all the time.


Commando pullups as well: straddle underneath the bar, grip with your hands touching and pull to alternating shoulders.

Mix it in other ways too. Do pullups with weight attached on week, then go for straight reps instead the next.


For a second there I thought you meant pullups while not wearing anything below the waist.

What everyone else said - do them all. I also like to throw in towel pullups for a good change of pace.



Yeah.. I tie 40 lbs to my dong.