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Hey Guys----I think T-Mag published an article with an upper body workout that would enable me to increase my chin up capacity. I’ve searched and searched but cannot find it. I did find the article CP wrote about the russian woman, but I thought there was an article that had you do back with chest and shoulders that listed excercises, tempo, etc,etc,

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

One way Poliquin says to increase capacity is to do GVT style chins. For instance, do 10 sets of 2 reps, alternating with antagonist muscle groups. Each week you should try to add more reps, and after you can get up to 10x6 retest yourself to see what your max is.

Charles Stanley wrote about another method, I think it was for Mesomorphosis (who's article archive seems to have disappeared). I recall something like doing 6x2 monday, 6x3 wednesday and 6x2 on friday, or something to that effect. I really don't remember the details so I'd stick with Poliquin's method.

The method Staley talked about in the Mesomorphosis Q and A is the same thing that Poliquin described in the Maximal Weights Program, called the Patient Lifter’s 6*4 Method. Refer to this article for the protocols, it is a good one.

Thanks guys. Anyone else have suggestions for increasing my chins???

Check out Clarence Bass’ website. He has a couple of articles on chin programs developed by Pavel Tsatsouline. Something about Synaptic Facilitation.

Staley’s method in mesomorphosis was:

Week Monday Wednesday Friday
1 6x2 6x3 6x2
2 6x4 6x2 6x5
3 6x2 6x6 6x2
using 85 to 100% of 1RM, a weight you can comfortably get 6x2

Rest 4 or 5 days afterwards and then test your strength.