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Chins: Use Bands or Change Rep Scheme?

This might be a stupid question or a simple question. I am doing the full body three day a week template and on day two is chins. It’s an assistance exercise so it’s 50 reps total. I wasn’t able to get all the chin ups in. I used a 65lb band and on the last set added a mini red band, 30lb. I struggled with these. I imagine that one I’ll be sore in the morning and that the best way to progress is to keep working the chins till 50 comes easy.

My question is there a better way to approach this or change the rep scheme to get 50 in with little issue?

I changed the rep scheme and am making pretty decent progress with it. Started at 10 x 5 and am now at 7 x 8 with 5 x 10 the goal.

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Either would work.